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Since Twitter is a vastly used social media platform used to share news, opinions or suggestions etc., it offers reach to thousands of people online, which at times can get unwanted attention or create an uncomfortable fuss to your tweets. To help its users who want to limit the reachability of their tweets, Twitter has recently introduced ‘Circle’ which acts as your personal audience filter.

The feature comes with an update via Twitter app or a web browser.

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Once Twitter application has been updated, you will be able to notice a dropdown menu that reads ‘Everyone’ along with other options including ‘People you follow’ or ‘only people you mention’ to choose who can reply to this tweet.

Limiting audience, a user can add, remove or create a new list of people who will be able to view and engage with a tweet.

This feature is similar to ‘groups’ feature available on WhatsApp and Facebook enabling users to engage with selected group of people including colleagues, friends or relatives.

This Tweet-by-Tweet basis option makes it easier to have more intimate conversations and build closer connections with people with similar interests.

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personalize your twitter experience

Getting started

Once your application has been updated and you are ready to share your first tweet, you will be able to see an option of ‘share with everyone’ and ‘share with circle’. You can have one circle on your account and add a maximum of 150 people in it which can be modified tweet-per-tweet without notifying the users.

Tweets sent to your circle will appear with a green badge below them and can only be seen by those you’ve selected to be in your circle and cannot be retweeted or re-shared. Additionally, all replies to these Tweets are private, even if your Twitter account is public.

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Response from Users

After the roll-out many users have shared their first experience including:

  • Feeling more comfortable Tweeting and expressing themselves
  • Eliminating the need for alternate or secondary accounts
  • Sharing content with a close and evolving group of friends
  • Avoiding toggling between protected and public account settings

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