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There are so many video games out there that vie for the attention of gaming enthusiasts and most of them are successful in doing so. Today you can find many such games on different genres that it becomes difficult to choose the best of the lot.

Every individual has different tastes when it comes to genres and will accordingly be more partial to one over the others. Minecraft is a sandbox video game that has attained massive popularity in more than a decade of its launch.

Brief Up

What is different about this venture is that it has no destinations or goals that the protagonist has to travel because players have the complete freedom to make their own plans and strategies on how to play the game.

Redstone Dust

However, it does have an achievement system in the Java Edition of the venture along with trophies on the PlayStation edition. The players are transported to a 3D world with unending terrain from where they have to extract raw materials, machines, infrastructure, craft tools, and a few others.

Minecraft has entered the list of the greatest video games of all time apart from winning critical and commercial acclaim, not to mention the countless awards through which other games too are getting inspired by its plot point.

As the game involves precious stones and minerals, one of the most important that deserves to be mentioned is Redstone that is found around lava pools due to which players have to carry a water bucket while mining for it otherwise it can prove dangerous as the lava is boiling hot.

Finding Redstone

You need to have a knack to find Redstone as it keeps running out due to its massive utility so the following points are going to come in use when you want to find a Redstone and it is readily available in these places.


  • Mineshafts- You will find many treasure chests here that are likely to contain Redstone dust and they have a good chance of spawning 5-10 dust per chest, which is a big reason why mineshafts are such huge endless structures. A player needs to find a redstone between levels 0-15 in order to find them on the walls of mineshaft
  • Dungeons- Another secluded place that contains a decent amount of redstones but it is a difficult task to find it on their own and there’s a likelier chance to stumble upon it but once you do so, you will find 1-4 redstone dust
  • Village Temples- You will find more redstones here than in the dungeons as they are more or less cobblestone structures and have greater chances of spawning redstone dust in their chests
  • Stronghold- This is also a good place to find a good amount of redstones since it houses dozens of treasure chests but since it is a huge structure, they’re all placed in different places that the players have difficulty in locating on an immediate basis

Redstone Usage

The main use of Redstone is brewing and crafting along with redstone circuits that have to be placed on the ground to make redstone wire and also power its components, which is because redstone dust turns into a block of redstone wire when placed in the realm following which power is transmitted.

It is the Mundane potion that has to be brewed for which you need the necessary ingredients- Redstone dust and water bottle but if you need to increase the duration you will need things like Fire Resistance potion, Slowness potion, Regeneration potion, Strength potion, Swiftness potion, etc. to name a few.

Things like Clock, Compass, Block of Redstone, are for crafting for which the main ingredients are Redstone dust + Gold Ingot, Iron Ingot + Redstone Dust, and Redstone Dust, respectively.

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