Microsoft Strongly Urges Users to Upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11

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Microsoft is one of the biggest tech giants in the world whose Windows is arguably the best and most reliable operating system for PCs and laptops, which has been the case for many decades now.

Microsoft has urged users of Windows 10 to immediately switch over to Windows 11 for which it is apparently ready to do anything as the recent reports suggest, which has astonished many users.

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Windows 11 Upgrade, Recommends Microsoft

Microsoft is has been in business for many decades and its Windows OS have been extremely popular for PCs and laptops, while users know very well that the operating system will deliver on all accounts.

There have been recent reports where Microsoft has urged Windows 10 users to upgrade their OS to Windows 11 and it is apparently ready to make anything to get users to get the update.

The tech giant has come up with a new Windows 10 update that is easily accessible to users, which also comes with the KB5020683 version number that is now available for them that they need to install and get a new Out of Box Experience (OOBE) screen.


What is different in the OOBE screen is that Microsoft has opted for displaying a number of pages where users are urged to complete certain actions like licensing agreements, connecting your PC to internet, Microsoft ID login, among others, where at the end users are asked to switch to Windows 11 OS and that too free of charge.

Users need to need to possess home or professional versions of Windows 10 like 2004, 20H2, 21H1, 21H2, or 22H2, to get the update on their PC and, above all, the system should be capable enough to run Windows 11.

Windows 10 has to meet all the requirements of Microsoft for installing Windows 11 OS and once you’ve installed the KB5020683 update, the OOBE will immediately show up with an offer to upgrade your PC with Windows 11.

The reason why Microsoft is so insistent to switch over to Windows 11 is because Windows 10 OS is nearing its end of support. Yes, you read it right, because it will no longer be officially supported come October 14, 2025, while it was launched in 2015.

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