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One of the biggest problems users face in smartphones are the camera bumps, which has become a regular issue with them, which is why LG has come up with a solution in the form of a new optical zoom sensor that will eliminate these annoying bumps from the back of the smartphone.

LG continues to work with the smartphone industry despite exiting the market some years back with LG Innotek being one of the premium suppliers of mobile camera modules, while the problem of camera bumps could be solved at last.

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  • LG Innotek appears to have solved the problem of camera bumps on smartphone with the new optical zoom sensor.
  • Optical Telephone Zoom Camera Module‘ is the name given to the new sensor and it will be different in size compared to other sensors.
  • LG Optical Zoom Sensor might come out around early 2023, although the confirmation has to be made.

LG Optical Zoom Sensor Sorts Out Camera Bump Problem

Smartphones have become the part and parcel of our lives but apart from the regular technical issues that we face with it, a big problem that users complain about is regarding the camera bumps they face from the back of the device.

Camera bumps have become a regular fixture with smartphones as the problem has turned into a nuisance for many users, which is why LG seems to have come up with a solution to solve the colossal camera bump issue once and for all.

LG Optical Zoom Sensor

LG Innotek has recently announced a new optical zoom sensor that will get rid of the bumps from the phone’s rear, which is called an “Optical Telephone Zoom Camera Module”, which LG has described as a micro-component that integrates the telescopic camera functions that are usually applied to professional cameras like DSLR or mirrorless camera.

While it is a well-known fact that LG exited the smartphone market some years back, it still continues to work closely with all the big shots in the smartphone industry, while LG Innotek is one of the biggest mobile camera modules suppliers.

While having an optical zoom is not new for smartphones, the LG one is different from others in its size as the company has successfully minimized the module’s thickness that will sort out the camera bump issue in smartphones once and for all.

The new optical zoom sensor might be available from early 2023 as LG is quite confident that the new design it has created for the camera lens will work wonders and users will no longer complain about camera bumps, while the module structure too can be changed.

LG Optical Zoom Sensor

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