Kantara OTT Release Date: When and Where Can You Watch It?

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Regional cinema is winning hearts all the way and rightly so! This time it is a Kannada film Kantara that has been creating havoc amongst both critics and audiences. Written, Directed and Starred by Rishab Shetty, Kantara is now expected to become the highest grossing films of Kannada film industry. If you are also reading some great reviews of the film on social media and wondering when is the film going to see an OTT release, we have news for you. The negotiations between Kantara’s makers and one of country’s leading streaming platforms are on and the film is eyeing an OTT release very soon.

As per the buzz in the media, Kantara can get an OTT release as soon as November 4, 2022 via the leading streaming platform, Amazon Prime Video. The streaming platform is also expected to release another successful venture, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan starrer Ponniyin Selvan on the same day.

Although an official announcement is yet to be made, the slightest news related to the OTT release of the film is getting all the attention. It is understandable why the makers would want to keep the release date under the wrap at the moment. The film is having a great theatrical run country wide and any news about the film releasing on OTT can harm any potential business.

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Kantara in recent days have received great word of mouth from every film goer across the country for its story and exceptional presentation. Online the film has garnered many praises from netizens, which has been significant in increasing the film’s reach.

Popularity of the film has been such that while the makers initially released the film only in Kannada with English subtitles, they soon had to dub the film in other languages. The Kannada version with English subtitles hit the theatres on September 30th 2022. Thanks to the overwhelming response from the audience and a wide demand raised through many platforms, the other language dubbed versions were also released in theatres on October 14th 2022.

Kantara has already been dubbed in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Malayalam. The Malayalam version is schedule to hit the cinemas this week. This move of quickly dubbing the film in other languages has also shown a terrific upward trend on the box office with numbers rising dramatically. The film has already crossed Rs 100 crore globally and is expected to soon become the highest grossing films to come out of Kannada film industry.

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Kantara OTT Release Date

As per the rumours, the film had already sold it digital and satellite rights before the release on big screen.

The applause for Kantara hasn’t been limited to critics or audience, a lot of well known faces from entertainment industry has also publicly appreciated the film.

Popular Tamil star Dhanush recently tweeted after watching the films and all the words of praise fell short. He tweeted, “Kantara ..  Mind blowing !! A must watch .. Rishab Shetty , you should be very proud of yourself. Congratulations hombale films.. keep pushing the boundaries. A big hug to all the actors and technicians of the film. God bless.”

Actor Rana Daggubati also showered praises on the film as the actor tweeted, “Kannada’s @shetty_rishab and @hombalefilms are on *fire emoji* what an extraordinary film #Kantara is!! Congratulations to each and everyone who was part of the film! @shetty_rishab truly inspired!!”

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Recently Bollywood Actress Kangana Ranaut also did not shy away from displaying her genuine reaction after watching the film. The actress, who has been banned from Twitter last year for posting hateful content, rather took to Instagram for sharing her views. Ranaut said in an Intagram story, “I feel #Kantara should be India’s entry to Oscar next year, I know year is yet to end and there may be better films coming, but more than Oscar India needs the right representation globally… this land of mysteries and Mystics one can’t understand one can only embrace it …. India is like a miracle… if you try and make sense of it you will only get frustrated but if you surrender to the miracle you can also be one …. Kantara is an experiential reality which world must experience .. @rishabshetty77.”

Kantara is a action-thriller with a storyline full of drama and action. This is village story where the director Rishab Shetty himself is playing the lead role of Shiva.

It is about a fictional village Kantara of Dakshina Kannnada well protected by the Demigods. All these Demigods are believed to be the Guardians and protectors of the Kantara. The village is full of traditional culture of Kambla and Bhootha Kola.

What begins as an ego battle in the start of the film soon winds up as a battle between the villagers and the evil officers. Shiva (Rishab Shetty) leads the village as the protagonist and also leads the battle on the behalf of the villagers. The story soon centres on how to protect the village at all cost.

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All the dialogues, the story and the screenplay of the film is also penned by directory & actor Rishab Shetty himself. To call is a one man show won’t be all wrong. The film also has actress Sapthami Gowda in the female lead role. Other actors such as Kishore, Achuth Kumar, Pramod Shetty, and Vinay Biddappa can be in pivotal supporting roles in the film.

The film is produced by Vijay Kiragandur under the banner Hombale Films. B Ajaneesh Loknath is the music composer while Arvind S Kashyap handled the exceptional cinematography. Pratheek Shetty and K M Prakash have been credited for editing the film.

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