Jio Launches 5 New International Roaming Plans Ahead of Fifa World Cup 2022

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‘Goal’, ‘defence’, ‘striker end’, ‘red card’, ‘yellow card’, etc. These are the terms that the avid footballer audience knows about and Reliance Jio understands its audience. Who is not excited and waiting for the FIFA World cup 2022? If dramatically put, One could have formed another new country out of the population who loves Football across the world. This dynamic market works and operates on the individual’s requirement and the need of the hour will be interesting and feasible international roaming plans for football fanatics to be entertained by the matches that will be taking place in Qatar, and Dubai this year, starting from the 20th of November. Reliance Jio has pedantically laid out 5 international roaming plans just before the FIFA world cup 2022. It’s a smart strategy of introducing 5 different international roaming plans that will include 3 data, voice, and SMS packs and 2 data-only packs. The population fond of Football and worships football players as deities will be enthralled in every plan that keeps them connected and updated to the scoreboard and the ranking board.

Following are the different plans by Jio that ensures the smooth witness of the world cup 2022 matches:

Jio has launched three new and different packs priced at Rs. 1599, Rs. 3999, and Rs. 6799.

The Rs 1599 plan will provide users with 150 minutes of voice calls, 100 SMS, and 1 GB of data with a 15-day validity period.

The second pack will cost the user Rs. 3999, where users will receive 250 minutes of voice calls, 100 SMS, and 3GB of data valid for 30 days.

The last pack under data, voice, and SMS pack will include 500 minutes of voice calls, 100 SMS, and 5GB of data with a 30-day validity period for Rs. 6799.

As discussed before, Jio has launched two Jio Data Only – Football World Cup Packs out of its 5 new international roaming plans.

The two Jio data-only packs will be Rs 1122 and Rs 5122

The first jio data-only plan of Rs 1122 pack has a validity period of 5 days and 1 GB of data,

Whereas the second plan of the same kind has a validity period of 21 days and 5 GB of data that will be available to users for Rs 5122.

Other IR packs

If you are not looking for specific plans and can do well with the general jio international roaming plans, Jio is also providing plans priced at Rs. 1101 and Rs. 1201, available with a validity of 28 days.

Jio Launches 5 New International Roaming Plans

Availability Of Plans

The aforementioned plans can easily be available to the subscriber on the Jio website. These plans are obtainable across Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE so that the users can stay connected to the news even while travelling. Moreover, once the predetermined cap on incoming Wifi calls is availed and approved the subscribers will be charged Re 1.


With the football world cup 2022 around the corner, the great deal offered by jio can be a fruitful business for the Reliance Jio company and the subscribers to watch the match hassle-free.

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