Top 5 iPhone apps Supporting Live Activities, Including Live Scores Of The Fifa World Cup

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iOS recently launched iOS 16.1 software that intends to fix some evident glitches that went ignored in the iOS 16 software. With the software update, the company has also come up with additional features. The one feature that grabbed most of the attention was iOS 16.1 arriving with the ability to support LIVE activities on third-party iPhone apps. This intriguing feature enables users to stay connected with real-time events across the world. The included and popular events entails sports games, food delivery orders, and many more. The apps that are fully equipped to provide Live notifications are presented below in the form of a listicle. Additionally, there are some apps where users can even enjoy the FIFA World Cup 2022 taking place in Qatar via live Notification of the match.

This Live notification feature, a new addition to the software can be a great plus as it will assist the user to be productive and enriched with veneer knowledge of different verticals via notifications appearing just on the iOS lock screen. The top 5 Apps making it possible are as follows:


At this particular time, we need to address the subject of everyone’s interest and concern and that is FOOTBALL WORLD CUP 2022. FotMob App is a user-friendly app that is uber handy to give you minute-to-minute updates of the match. Just install the app and track the scores of the ongoing tournament.


Just a step ahead, the Sports Alerts app gives you the live scores of Football and Basketball matches. You can be informed of the scores of the tournament by installing the app from the App Store, followed by selecting the three dots on the top right corner of the desired match and tapping on ‘Start Live Activity’.


The next iPhone app that can help in keeping Football fans updated with the ongoing FIFA World Cup Match is Flighty App. This app will provide you with information beyond the scores of the match on your lock screen.

Top 5 iPhone Apps Supporting live activities


Next is the Citymapper app available on iPhone that primarily aims at keeping track of the public transportation route. It Provides elaborated directions from point A to point B. The notification can be seen on the lock screen.


Last but not the least, the app that iOS 16.1 software has enhanced the use of, is the ParkMobile app. This app helps the user to keep track even of the parking spot payment and the time left for the expiry of the payment.


Next-generation technology has come and been accepted by all. We all are dependent on it more than we can ever admit. Amidst all this evolution in technology iOS 16.1 software has made its entry that has enabled users to enjoy the LIVE notification of the events and tournaments happening around the world. There are the top 5 apps that have used the LIVE notification system amidst the FIFA World Cup 2022 to gain the utmost popularity.

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