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The next iPhone 15 Pro may have a solid state power and volume button plus a very significant design change.

Whether tech experts believe it or not, Apple has been on the cutting edge of phone design. Many Apple critics will argue that the features or designs offered by Apple are already available on Android phones. This statement might be true to some extent, but that doesn’t mean Apple doesn’t produce good-quality phones. Recently, Apple has been crowned as the fastest 5G mobile device in 10 countries.

Speaking of design, the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro won’t have physical power and volume buttons, but the power and volume buttons will still be there. Apple could start using solid-state buttons on the iPhone starting with the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max (Ultra). After that, all iPhones should support the function.

Switching to a buttonless iPhone is one of the last stages in designing the ideal iPhone, despite the fact that the existing power and volume buttons function flawlessly. Since the company’s inception, Apple has endeavoured to create the best iPhone design possible. That would be an iPhone with no buttons or ports, a perfectly symmetrical design, and a full-screen display.

Apple will eventually abandon the USB-C connection. This feature may also be present in the iPhone 15 series. By placing the cameras and sensors beneath the screen, the display notch, whether regular or Dynamic Island, will be eliminated. The SIM card slot will also be eliminated from all iPhones as more carriers implement eSIM-only mobile services, and because there are no water entry points, the perfect iPhone would be waterproof. The iPhone is now waterproof. It will also be excellent at withstanding prolonged immersion in water. Liquids, on the other hand, may enter via gaps in the metal frame for the physical buttons, SIM card, and port.

buttonless iPhone

Furthermore, if holes for the buttons are not necessary, the metal chassis of future iPhones, which may be titanium, might be simpler. The iPad, Apple Watch, and AirPods and other apple devices, could all use the same tech that makes the iPhone work without buttons. Apple already uses solid-state button technology on the MacBook, with taptic engines that make it feel like the trackpad is being pressed. But the huge metal button doesn’t move at all. Apple is said to be working on the stylish AR glasses of the future. These might also be better off with solid-state buttons.

Keep in mind that Apple owns patents for iPhones with full-circumference displays. These might benefit from solid-state volume controls. That doesn’t imply that subsequent iPhones will have the same design as the iPhone 15 Pro. Curving screens, after all, might increase the possibility of unintended damage following drops. When the foldable iPhone comes out, it will need a different way to use the buttons. You’ll need to turn on the device and control the volume when it’s folded and when it’s open. If the buttons on the iPhone were solid-state, Apple could move them along the sides depending on whether the phone was open or closed.

All of this is simply an assumption. But the iPhone 15 Pro’s solid-state buttons won’t be a ploy to set it apart from less expensive alternatives. It will serve as a stepping stone for next-generation Apple hardware and a feature that iPhone competitors may incorporate. Till then, we’ll have to wait and see, as Apple has just launched the iPhone 14 series, which is being hailed as the best iPhone ever to come on the market. The iPhone 14 series is currently being lauded by users and tech pundits. It’s also worth mentioning that the ideal iPhone design was supposedly abandoned with the iPhone 13 series, so nobody knows when users will be able to see a buttonless iPhone. Nonetheless, with updates on the newest iPhone 14 series, it seems that the tech giant is on the right path.

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