ISG recognizes HARMAN as leader in IoT Services and Solutions Report 2021

HARMAN, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung, has been recognized as a leader in IoT Capabilities and rated as a rising star for managed IoT services by ISG group.

In the most recent ISG Provider Lens for Internet of Things – Services and Solutions (U.S.) report for 2021, HARMAN DTS was recognized in the following quadrants:

IoT Consulting and Services – HARMAN was recognized as a leader in this quadrant for its robust product design and engineering with a 360-degree system development and integration capability; customer- first design thinking approach; and vertical specific IoT solution enablers/accelerators.

Connected Mobility Consulting and Services – HARMAN was recognized as a leader in this quadrant for its competitive edge in mobile connected services through its AccuAlertMe platform; cross industry support across verticals; and its Automotive platform- Ignite which remotely manage and update the software and firmware on IoT devices.

Managed IoT Services – HARMAN was recognized as a rising star in this quadrant for its complete portfolio of solutions and services that help overcome challenges of disparate technology platforms, increased maintenance/support cost of systems and infrastructure, IoT applications/personnel redundancy, and the consumerization of IoT. The company was also recognised for its solutions in connected homes, connected buildings, smart industry and retail; and complete ownership from sensor to cloud via its managed services.

“It is a proud moment for HARMAN DTS to lead the pack in the IoT space with our multi-shore service delivery, rich domain expertise and robust partnerships with reputed brands globally. Our endeavour towards partnering with clients, to bring their visionary ideas to life and blending the physical and digital towards solving changing human needs is what helped us to win this recognition. This recognition further motivates us to drive towards our ambition of being less B2B and more Human to Human (H2H). We look forward to developing life changing technology and engaging with our customers to deliver superior experiences,” said David Owens, Senior Vice President, Digital Transformation Solutions at HARMAN.

Ron Exler, Director and Principal Analyst, ISG Research said, “HARMAN’s Digital Transformation Solutions division offers IoT consulting and services informed by decades of connected electronics experience and Samsung innovation resources to bolster its IoT service offerings. ISG is impressed by its range of end-to-end IoT services delivering managed services, systems planning and integration, and mobile connected services.”

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