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Apple is arguably as well as inarguably the number one tech giant on the planet, which is why it has a lot of expectations riding up its sleeve and has to time and again live up to the expectations of its users.

It is safe to say that Apple is where it is because it churns out some of the best devices that anyone can cherish for a long time. Apple smartphones are the first preference for any youngsters that aspires to own an expensive model.

There is news circulating in this regard about iPhone and iPad users getting advertisements because Apple has made up its mind to expand its revenue business on advertisements by serving them on as many apps as possible, which include Podcasts, Maps, and Books apps.

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Brief Up

iPhone users may get advertisements in many of Apple’s native apps while there is confirmed news that searched based recommendations displayed in an iPhone model has been tried and tested for Maps app.

As of now, iPhone users can get ads on News, Stocks, and App stores along with TV+ platforms for Friday Night Baseball, which is part of a deal it has struck with Major League Baseball.

iPhone, iPad Users

There are ways on how these placements work that have been explained by Mark Gurman who works at Bloomberg where he has claimed that a Japanese restaurant could pay some dough to rank at the top of local listings if a user searched for ‘sushi’.

In the same manner, if a publisher wanted to see their work get published, they too can pay for the advertisement so that their content could appear at the top of the list when viewers searched for topics concerning ‘Books’ while subscription for podcasts could be tied to ads.

If you were to go on App store, Stocks and News apps for iPhones, iPad, and Mac, you will find quite a few advertisements when you go to the search tab in the Suggested panel. Now, Apple is all set to expand its ads to the Today tab and third party app download pages.

There is always a fear of data getting hacked or misused which is why Apple has the App Tracking Transparency framework whose role is to not only protect but also enhance user privacy by greatly limiting third party applications to collect data and it is up to the user whether he wants others to see it or not.

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