Apple launches new earbuds with Kim Kardashian

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There’s nothing like a long drive to spend your weekend with your favourite songs playing in the stereo of your car. Nowadays, people love listening to music with the help of earbuds while walking as it cools their mind off stress.

Every big tech giant launches a new device on a regular basis and Apple has anyhow gained expertise in both quality and quantity being topnotch with the latest edition being the new Custom Beats Pro earbuds but there is an interesting twist to the tale.

Apple launches new earbuds

Apple has roped in renowned star Kim Kardashian or the launch as they want to capitalize on her starpower so that their new model gets as much attention as possible and, in any case, Beats too has a strong reputation as their devices have always sold like hot cakes

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These new headphones are going to become a huge success as the Beats Fits New earphones have been launched in their custom version with new colour options- Moon light, Dune medium, and Earth deep, which features ‘Kim Kardashian’s signature minimalistic aesthetic’.

Brief Description

Apple has mentioned on its official website about the collection of Beats Fit Pro earphones that are called a special edition as they’re equipped with comfortable, secure-fit wingtips that are flex enough to fit into any ear like a Tee.

Apple launches new earbuds

If you’re looking for a powerful, resounding but balanced sound, then you should definitely go for these headphones and have all the necessary features of its predecessors like transparency mode, noise cancellation but with the mode you can hear things while the spatial audio feature by Apple has three different sound dimensions.

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The starting price of the earbuds is Rs.16,000, which will be available sometime next week while Apple has a different but loyal website for all its products that will be readily available at other retail stores albeit in limited quantities.

The makers are highly enthusiastic at what they consider to be the most innovative headphones with new colour palettes that will be lapped up by both music and fashion aficionados.

Beats Fit Pro earphones have a listening time of 6 hours along with an additional 18 hours that can be charged through the charging case that can be carried on in your pocket. So to add up, these earphones give you 24 hours of listening time, which is a boon for hardcore music lovers that are constantly put them on and listen for many hours.

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