iPhone 14 Pro users facing connectivity Issues: Slow 5G, Call & Signal Drops: All you need to know

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The iPhone 14 series came out on top as the apparent victor of the magnificent launch event. This was primarily because it offered more impressive specifications and features that looked to the future.

Apple reports that the iPhone 13 series has been one of its best-selling smartphone lines as of late, and the company is optimistic that the iPhone 14 series will perform even better in sales than its predecessors did. Apple asserts that the iPhone 13 series has been one of the most successful smartphone lines it has ever produced.

Apple’s most recent financial report indicates that the iPhone 13 series has been one of the most successful smartphone line introductions the firm has had in recent months. On the other hand, there is a possibility that the iPhone may come up against some roadblocks in its efforts to achieve the goals that it has mapped out for itself along the way.

You Must Know About iphone 14 Pro Connectivity

It has been said that customers in the United States who use an iPhone 14 Pro cannot successfully connect to 5G networks. Users in the United States who connect to the Verizon network have expressed dissatisfaction that the 5G cellular connection on the iPhone 14 Pro models is sluggish, unstable, and often disrupted. These users connect to the Verizon network. These customers use their devices via binding to the Verizon network.

One user on Reddit claims that while the signal strength on his iPhone 14 Pro can range from one to twenty bars in their home, the signal strength on his brother’s iPhone 13 can range from four to five full bars. This user made this claim in response to another user who claimed that the signal strength on their iPhone 14 Pro could range from one to twenty bars in their home.

iPhone 14 Pro


According to the statistics supplied by the user, the user’s sister may be capable of achieving 5G rates faster than the user herself. He hoped the issue would be resolved in the next version of iOS.

During this time, another user on Reddit brought up the notion that the iPhone 14 Pro may not be the root source of the issue many others were encountering. A consumer from Georgia reported that the internet connection speeds on her brand-new iPhone 14 Pro Max were substantially faster than those on her previously owned iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The next point she mentioned was that Verizon’s data network is famously unreliable; this was the second part of her argument that she continued to add. This was the next point that she made. She said that AT&T’s network was more reliable, even though T-network Mobile’s network in Georgia is much quicker than Verizon’s network. iPhone Users have experienced these issues. Despite this, none of these companies has proposed a solution to these issues.

On the other hand, Apple had already resolved the shaky cameras on the newly released iPhone 14 Pro models by issuing an iOS update one week before the version was given. This was done so that the update was provided alongside the version.

The most current version of iOS, version 16.0.2, which was just made available, includes a patch for this issue discovered recently. It has been rumored that the apps Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat are among those whose security has been breached. Because of a problem with the camera, some variants of the iPhone 14 Pro would produce strange sounds anytime they recorded video.

Signal Or Call Drop Issue

Even in areas with adequate coverage, some Verizon iPhone 14 Pro users have lately expressed dissatisfaction with the device’s frequent signal or call dropouts.

Some people have pointed the finger at the Snapdragon X65 modem as the cause of 5G connectivity issues, while others have pointed the finger at the time. Although the iPhone 14 Pro uses the same modem as the smaller iPhone 14 Pro, most complaints come from consumers of the larger iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Some consumers have expressed dissatisfaction that activating 5G leads to more frequent signal disruptions and dropped calls. Even worse, these connectivity issues continue to exist even when the device in question is not being used.

Final Words

The 5G connection on the iPhone 14 Pro is rugged, either because the speeds are too slow or because the 5G connectivity does not work at all. This might be the case. Verizon’s high-band and mid-band networks are included in its 5G UW (Ultra-Wideband) service. This service offers much faster download speeds than regular 5G but at the cost of a more limited coverage area.

The ‘UW’ symbol on compatible devices should show next to the ‘5G’ icon when the user is near a 5G UW tower. However, at this time, many iPhone 14 Pro Max users cannot connect to 5G UW.

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