Introduction to Clean Energy Technology, How does it Work? Why is it so Important?

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The smooth functioning of this world that we have created in the last century and the advancements that we have made in almost sector completely depends on ever-greater amounts of energy.

Without energy, economic growth to sustain the population and its prosperity isn’t possible. The massive need for energy is the same for developed and developing countries alike. And yet such massive energy consumption comes at a cost, which is being paid by the climate.

Climate change concern is one of the main agendas of modern-day policymaking and continues to be one of the most widely discussed global issues as well. Now the question stands, how can we combat climate change while ensuring sustainable economic development?

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This is exactly where clean energy technology enters as a way forward. The world today acknowledges the significance of clean energy technology while countries such as India have started transitioning to clean energy with a target of generating 450 GW of renewable energy by the end of 2030. Let’s understand more about the concept and how it is important.

Clean Energy Technology

What is Clean Energy Technology?

Clean energy technology, in the simplest of terms, refers to any innovation, process, service or product that helps in reducing the negative impacts on the environment. To achieve this, clean energy encourages sustainable use of resources, significant energy efficiency improvements, or environmental protection activities.

With a lot cheaper energy production, clean energy also contributes to economic growth by maintaining a proper energy supply as well as managing environmental concerns of conventional energy.

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Part of clean energy technology are wind, solar, and hydro sources, all proving to be less expensive and cleaner that can reduce our carbon emissions to a great extent.

Perfect clean energy is derived when green energy meets renewable energy, which includes wind energy and solar energy. Below is one of the easiest methods to remember the differences between different types of energy –

Clean Energy Clean Air
Green Energy Natual Sources
Renewable Energy Recyclable Sources

Clean Energy Technology

Benefits of Clean Energy Technology

There is a range of environmental and economic benefits that come with clean energy technology. These include:

  • Reduction in air pollution.
  • Lesser dependence on imported fuels, which results in reduced associated financial and environmental costs.
  • Contributes to national cost savings with no extraction, or transportation of fuels or coal required.
  • Reduce the risk of environmental disasters such as natural gas leak issues or fuel spills during transportation.
  • Creation of jobs to develop, generate and install the clean energy resources of the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) For Clean Energy Technology

Ques1. What are the Three examples of Clean Energy Resources?

Ans1. The Three examples of Clean Energy Resources are Wind Power, Solar Power, & Bio Energy ( Organic matter burned as a fuel).

Ques2. How does Clean Energy Works?

Ans2. By producing power without negative environmental impacts like release of green house gases. Example: Carbon Dioxide . Clean Energy is also Renewable like Wind Power, Solar Power, etc.

Ques3. What is the Future of Clean Energy?

Ans3. The Future of Clean Energy looks good, recent years show that more renewable energy capacity has been installed globally than Fossil Fuel & Nuclear capacity combine.

Ques 4. How can Clean Energy Reduce Global Warming?

Ans4. Renewable energy resources don’t emit greenhouse gases like: Carbon Dioxide so they do not contribute to Global warming. They also protect the climate change from advancing which also eventually reduces global warming.

Ques 5. How can Clean Energy help our Economy?

Ans5. Clean Energy increasing is making the world move away from Fossil Fuels, increasing growth opportunities in areas like eMobility, power generation and storage. Clean Energy is saving our planet and is a forward step for the future industries.

Ques 6. How can we get Clean Energy ?

Ans6. Clean Energy can be obtained from:

> Sunlight

> Wind Power

> Water or Hydro Power

> Bio Mass

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