British Airways Tests New Smart Technology For Passport-Free Travel

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Amidst all the technological-centric plans and preparation, along with the growing acceptance of the same among individuals, British Airways is a step ahead and soon will become the first UK airline to adopt smart technology that will enable passport-free travel for passengers upon departure. This proposition further promises several improvements and ease in the departure process. Technologies are now specifically meant with the purpose to satisfy the masses, hence the company is all set to test the biometric technology to allow passport-free travel from Heathrow Terminal 5 for international flights. Needless to say, technology is evolving and advancing every minute. People are busy making groundbreaking discoveries through technology. In all honesty, in today’s world, we all are dependent on technology more than we ever admit.

It was further explained how the trial will take place and how the officials ascertain its success, along with its degree of credibility to launch for the worldwide masses. It has been informed that the trial will take place by inviting passengers to scan their faces, alongside their passports and boarding passes via smartphones or other compatible devices. The smart Bio-Pod camera will aid in identifying the trial participants within three seconds and will provide them with the ease to keep their passports in their handbags from their arrival at the airport to reach their destination.

British Airways’ Operations Transformation Manager, David Breeze, enlighted on what more to expect from the smart technology “Not only is this the first time that our customers have been able to register their biometric information at home, but it’s the first time they can use it for British Airways’ international flights.” While explaining the fundamentals of the technology he further added that it will offer a “smarter and smoother airport experience” adhering to the never been an easy and quick way of boarding aircraft. The company’s Operations Transformation Manager informed the spectators of the major possibility of the wide acceptance of the technology “The beauty of this technology is that it also frees our people up to look after more complex customer enquiries and deliver the best possible customer service”.

Passport-Free Travel

The duration of the trial is set to be six months for the British Airways flight’s destination to Malaga and Spain. During the entire trial procedure, the company has ensured the trial participants that their information will be carefully and cautiously stored, with additional services to get Fast-Track security lanes and priority boarding. The success of the trial can prove to be a carefree journey for the passengers in the anticipated future.


Proudly, we hail from the technologically advanced generation and find it tedious to carry papers and documents, including passports, driving licenses, and so on. The trial to enable passport-free travel by British Airways is just the extension of the same idea and we all expect great output from the trial procedure. However, India is not far behind, as the nation has also included the idea to develop electronic passports in the 2022 budget and we can soon expect it to roll out for trial and implementation.

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