Instagram Reels Preps for Expansion with 10-Minute Video Feature

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  • Developer Alessandro Paluzzi uncovers potential 10-minute video feature on Instagram Reels.
  • The feature, if confirmed, would pitch Reels closer to main YouTube content and directly compete with TikTok’s long-form offerings.
  • Currently seen as a rival to YouTube Shorts, this move redefines Reels’ position in the video-sharing domain.

Rumblings in the digital sphere suggest a potential game-changer for Instagram Reels: the introduction of a 10-minute video upload limit.

Currently in the domain of short and punchy videos, Instagram Reels might be gearing up to embrace long-form content.

Developer Alessandro Paluzzi stumbled upon this revelation. His captured screenshots depict dual options on the platform – a 3-minute recording and a 10-minute upload.

Paluzzi took to his channels stating, “#Instagram is working on the ability to create #Reels up to 10 minutes long.”

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Instagram, owned by Meta, has yet to give an official nod to these speculations. But if validated, this would transform the role of Reels.

Once viewed as a contender to YouTube Shorts, the extended duration would pitch Reels closer to YouTube’s main video content.

Moreover, it primes Reels to lock horns with TikTok, another social media giant that already facilitates 10-minute videos and offers even lengthier content to its premium subscribers.

This strategic maneuver raises eyebrows, especially when bite-sized video content is all the rage.

But it seems Instagram is betting on the appetite for more extended interactions between creators and their followers.

Such a shift, however, could necessitate major infrastructural enhancements to support the weight of longer videos.

This aligns with Instagram’s broader vision of evolving into an all-encompassing platform.

As part of the Meta ecosystem, Instagram is keen on diversifying its features, aiming to be a one-stop-shop catering to varied user tastes


Who discovered the potential new feature on Instagram Reels?

Developer Alessandro Paluzzi captured screenshots hinting at the possibility of a 10-minute video upload feature.

How does this change compare Reels with other platforms like YouTube and TikTok?

While Reels was previously seen as a counterpart to YouTube Shorts, the introduction of longer videos will make it more comparable to main YouTube content and directly rival TikTok’s longer content offerings.

Has Instagram’s parent company, Meta, confirmed this feature?

As of now, Meta has not officially verified these speculations about the new feature.

What implications could this feature have for Instagram’s infrastructure?

Supporting longer videos might require significant upgrades and enhancements to Instagram’s current infrastructure to ensure seamless user experience.

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