Instagram Testing a New ‘Flipside’ Feature Aimed at Enhancing User Privacy with Selective Sharing

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  • Flipside offers a private photo grid for a user-selected audience.
  • Distinct from ‘Close Friends’ and ‘Finstas,’ focusing on intimate sharing.
  • Key icon indicates exclusive access to Flipside content.
  • Part of Instagram’s strategy to boost engagement and privacy.

Instagram is experimenting with a novel feature known as “Flipside,” which offers users a secondary, more private photo grid visible only to a selected group of friends.

This test is likely part of Instagram’s ongoing efforts to provide users with more intimate and selective sharing options.

“Flipside allows users to create a new, private side to their profile where they can post more candid and personal photos for a subset of their friends,” Matt Navarra, Founder of Geekout Newsletter, posted on Threads. Users may be able to “swipe down on profiles to get to the other side”.

What is Flipside on Instagram?

What is Flipside on Instagram?
What is Flipside on Instagram?

Flipside enables users to curate a distinct group, separate from their ‘close friends,’ to whom they can exclusively showcase their secondary grid.

This feature can be accessed from the user’s profile, but it remains hidden from those not included in the designated list.

A key icon in the user’s grid will indicate the presence of such exclusive content.

Although this feature might appear to overlap with existing functionalities — such as sharing grid posts with close friends, a feature introduced in November, and the creation of multiple audience lists for StoriesFlipside aims to carve out a more clearly defined private space within the app.

This feature is distinct from the concept of ‘finstas’ or secondary accounts, which Instagram also supports.

Adam Mosseri’s Thoughts

Adam Mosseri’s Thoughts
Adam Mosseri’s Thoughts

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, has acknowledged the potential redundancy of this new feature.

While it provides another avenue for users to reach a smaller audience, it also adds to the array of options for private sharing already available on the platform.

Mosseri has expressed mixed feelings about the necessity of Flipside and hinted at the possibility that it may not be officially launched.

The testing of Flipside, first identified as an internal prototype in December, has begun to reach actual users.

This rollout has been met with mixed reactions.

Some users are excited about the additional layer of privacy and selective sharing, while others question the need for another social media profile to manage.

The broader context for Instagram’s exploration of such features lies in the platform’s shift towards creating more private spaces for sharing.

This change is part of a strategy to address the decline in the frequency of user posts, particularly in feeds, a trend noted by Mosseri in recent years.

With Instagram’s revenue model heavily reliant on feed-based advertising, encouraging more frequent and diverse posting behaviours is key to the platform’s success.

Instagram Testing a New ‘Flipside’ Feature Aimed at Enhancing User Privacy with Selective Sharing
Instagram Testing a New ‘Flipside’ Feature Aimed at Enhancing User Privacy with Selective Sharing


What is the Instagram Flipside feature?

Flipside on Instagram is a new feature allowing users to create a secondary, more private photo grid.

This grid is visible only to a select group of friends chosen by the user, different from their regular followers or close friends list.

How does Flipside differ from existing Instagram features?

Unlike existing features like ‘Close Friends,’ Flipside creates a completely separate grid on a user’s profile.

This secondary grid is accessible only to a specially curated group, offering a more private sharing space.

How can users know if they have access to someone’s Flipside grid?

Access to a Flipside grid is indicated by a key icon on the user’s profile grid. Only those selected by the user to view the Flipside content will see this icon and gain access.

What has been Adam Mosseri’s response to the Flipside feature?

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, has recognized the redundancy in creating another private sharing feature like Flipside.

He has indicated uncertainty about its official launch, given the mixed reactions from users.

Why is Instagram testing the Flipside feature?

Instagram is testing Flipside as part of its broader strategy to create more private spaces for sharing and to encourage diverse posting behaviors.

This is in response to a decrease in the frequency of posts in users’ feeds, impacting the platform’s advertising-driven revenue model.

What is The Future of Flipside on Instagram ?

Instagram is expected to launch the Flipside feature, which will revolutionize the way users share private content on the platform.

While an official launch date has not been confirmed, Instagram is actively refining and finalizing the Flipside feature for a wider rollout.

The current testing phase is underway, with users already encountering the Flipside feature in their Instagram accounts. This ongoing testing allows Instagram to gather valuable user feedback and make necessary improvements to ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience.

As Flipside becomes more widely available, it has the potential to transform the social media landscape, offering users an enhanced level of privacy and personalization.
With a refined feature, Instagram users can look forward to a more tailored and private social media experience.

How does Instagram Flipside Feature work?

Distinct Profile: Users can have a separate profile picture, name, and bio for their Flipside, creating a distinctive space for private content.

Privacy Control: Users have the ability to APP manage who sees their Flipside content, ensuring a more selective sharing experience.

Fresh Start Option: Users can choose to start fresh on their Flipside by ‘removing everyone,’ allowing for a clean slate in terms of connections.

Accessing Flipside: Users can simply tap a button or swipe down on the main profile to access someone’s Flipside. This action creates a segregated space where users can share content more selectively.

Privacy and Customisation: Flipside APP designed to give users control over who can view their private content. It aims to offer a more private sharing experience specifically for close friends.

How does Flipside feature compare with ‘Close Friends’ Feature ?

Instagram introduced the ‘Close Friends’ feature in November 2023, allowing users to share private stories in the main feed.

Flipside appears to take this concept further by creating a distinct section on the user’s profile for selected posts, potentially offering a more organized and private sharing experience.

As of now, Instagram has not confirmed the official launch date for the Flipside feat

While the testing is ongoing, users may anticipate a wider rollout in the coming days as Instagram refines and finalizes this new addition to the platform.

What are the benefits of Flipside feature ?

Enhanced Privacy: With Flipside, users have the ability to share personal content exclusively with selected friends, ensuring that their private moments remain private.

Influencer-Free Feed: Unlike the traditional social media feed, Flipside allows users to break free from the constant bombardment of influencer content, creating a more personalized and tailored experience.

User-Controlled Content: Flipside empowers users to take control of the content they consume and share. This user-centric approach fosters a greater sense of ownership and authenticity in their social media experience.

Can I control who sees my Flipside posts?

Yes, Flipside gives users control over who can see their private posts. Users can choose to share their Flipside content exclusively with selected friends.

What is Instagram’s new nighttime alert feature for teenagers?

Instagram’s new feature alerts teenagers if they use the app for more than 10 minutes at night.

The aim is to discourage prolonged usage of the app during bedtime hours, promoting better sleep and healthier digital habits among young users.

How does this feature work on other Meta platforms?

The nighttime alert feature is also implemented on Facebook and Messenger.

It is part of Meta’s broader initiative to address concerns about excessive screen time among teenagers across all its platforms.

Can parents monitor their children’s usage of Instagram and Facebook?

Yes, Meta provides parental supervision tools that allow parents to track and monitor their children’s time spent on Instagram and Facebook.

These tools offer insights into daily and weekly app usage, aiding parents in managing their children’s screen time.

What are some tips to reduce screen addiction on Instagram?

To combat screen addiction, users are advised to turn off notifications, keep their phones out of easy reach, practice meditation, and engage in physical activities.

These practices help in reducing the urge to constantly check social media apps.

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