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There is one feature in WhatsApp that most of its users would agree has no logical explanations whatsoever. The instant messaging service app allows you to delete the message you sent even after two days but also leaves an alert behind that informs everyone that a message has been deleted. No other online platform follows this where even after deleting a message, the other person gets to know that message was deleted. Many users have been vocal about this aspect of the delete message feature since informing the other person that a message was deleted creates more curiosity and dilutes the whole purpose of deleting the message in the first place. WhatsApp, however, hasn’t paid much attention to the chatter around this aspect of its delete message feature.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how curious you have felt when someone sent you a message but when you finally open the app, you find out that the message has been already deleted? We would say this situation is not pleasant for anyone and this curiosity can definitely kill the cat. So, is there a way of reading all these deleted messages? Let’s find out.

If you are also wondering if there is a way to read the deleted message on your WhatsApp, let us inform you that there is certainly a cheat trick which you can use for this. All you have to do is download a third party app on your smartphone via the Google Play Store and voila!::

Here’s how you can see deleted messages on WhatsApp easily on your smartphone

How to See Deleted Messages on WhatsApp

Step 1. Go to Google Play Store and search for the “Get Deleted Messages” app in the search bar

Step 2. When you see the app, Click on the app and download it on your smartphone

Step 3. Once the app is downloaded to your smartphone, it will most likely ask for some permission to run your smartphone in the background. This is important for the app to read the message on your WhatsApp and keep a track of them when something is deleted. Allow those permissions and you are all done.

Step 4. So, the next time someone deletes a message earlier sent to you by them, all you have to do is open this “Get Deleted Messages” app on your smartphone and it will show you the messages just sent and now deleted.

Things to Remember – The third party app “Get Deleted Messages” reads all sender’s messages from the notification panel of your smartphone while it is running in the background. So, for this app to work, you will have to make sure you give permission for Notifications. There is also a catch in this third party app. Whenever you have WhatsApp open and the chat box with a person is also open, in such situations the third party app won’t be able to read if any message gets deleted in that particular chatbox. This is because the message doesn’t appear in the notification panel when the app chatbox is open on the screen of smartphone.

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