Here is how to take a screenshot on your Windows 11 PC

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There have been many occasions when we are needed to take screenshots. From sharing a piece of information with family and friends to updating your office IT team about an error or confirming any payment to the receiver, taking a screenshot has been quite common. If you need to take a screenshot of a piece of information, here are several ways you can do so on your Windows 11-powered personal computer.

Using Print Screen Key

You can use the print screen key on your computer or laptop keyboard to take the print screen. After clicking on the Print scree key (prt sc), you will be able to see a screen shot of the entire screen. This needs to be followed by the Ctrl+V command to paste the screenshot on a photo editor such as MS Paint or Adobe Photoshop to save it. Else, you can mail it to the concerned person by directly pasting the screenshot in your mailbox.

Print screen + Windows Keys

The easiest way to get the screenshot is the combined use of Printscreen and Windows keys. You need to click on these two keys simultaneously. Once you click these two button on your keyboard, the entire desktop will flash and a PNG file of the captured screenshot will be saved in the Pictures > Screenshots folder of the PC.

Using Printscreen + Alt Keys

You can use a combination of Printscreen and Alt keys for a specific requirement. This combination of keys can be used when you are just needed to have the screen shot of only a screen and not the entire desk. Once you click on Printscreen and Alt keys, a screenshot of the screen will be saved on the clipboard. With the help of Ctrl+V command, you can paste it anywhere you like.

Using Snipping tool

Snipping tools can be used to take scree shot of a more specific area of your computer screen. Snipping tool allows you to capture screenshot in a way that you prefer. You can consider the following options to consider:

  •  A rectangular snip enables users to capture contents in a box-like format.
  •  A Freeform snip enables users to capture a screenshot in any shape around that they prefer.
  • A Window snip, on the other hand, enables users to choose a window that they want to capture.
  • A Fullscreen snip enables them to capture the entire screen.

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