Government Orders Amazon to Remove Seat Belt Alarm Blockers After Cyrus Mistry Accident

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India is the seventh largest country in terms of area with the second largest population on the planet after its neighbour, China, where it is soon expected to surpass it in a few years easily.

Accidents are a regular feature all over the world but more so in India given the huge number of people, which means more and more vehicles on the road and with very poor roads all around although things have improved considerably in the last few years.

Poor road structures are the main cause of such accidents and when you add the less than capable security measures during road safety along with the Indian population that considers traffic rules and regulations, or any rules whatsoever, far beneath their notice, you can be sure that accidents will be a regular feature there.

seat belt alarm blockers

In Brief

The untimely demise of Cyrus Mistry in a car crash has sent shock waves throughout the country where many have suspected foul play in the accident and strongly feel that it was preplanned.

In light of the tragic event, Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister for Road & Transport, has reportedly asked Amazon to remove seat belt alarm blockers in the country, citing road safety concerns.

This accident has raised questions on the broader road safety issues and many people may well point fingers at Gadkari in the coming days. However, the accident has indeed made road safety a hot topic of discussion especially as Mumbai, where the accident occurred, is notorious for having narrow roads with potholes everywhere.

Millions of people perish in road accidents every day in India with the 2021 figures alone being around 1,50,000. The transport ministry is set to come with strict measures like making seatbelt mandatory for rear seats as well so as to avoid such incidents from happening in the future.

seat belt alarm blockers

Moreover, the seatbelt alarm blockers are substituted by metal clips, whose sale is, interestingly, not illegal in India, and this adds another question mark on the road safety measure of the country.

The metal clips are available on Amazon that are inserted into seatbelt slots so as to prevent the alarm from ringing while driving. Gadkari has reportedly sent a notice to Amazon to ban the sale of such metal clips to prevent further incidents like these.

It remains to be seen whether such safety measures are put to implementation or will be forgotten in the near future when the government changes so one can only wait and watch as to where things go from here.

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