Following and Favorites for Instagram: All you need to know

After introducing Family Center and Parental Supervision Tools on Instagram, Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, has announced the launch of two new chronological views for Instagram.

Mosseri has said that ‘Following and Favorites’, two new chronological views, have been introduced by the Instagram. The move is aimed to offer more choice and control over what users see in the photo-sharing app.

“Today, we’re launching two new chronological views for your Instagram Feed – Following and Favorites. These options give you more choice and control over what you see in the app (sic),”reads a tweet by Mosseri who has invited users’ feedback.

To see newly introduced two chronological on your Feed, you need to Tap “Instagram” on the top left of your app to switch between Favorites and Following.

More choice and control over what you see in your feed

Instagram is always working on new ways to improve user’s Instagram experience. It will continue to build features like Favorites and Following to give more choice and control over what users see, and help make the time they spend on the app feel more intentional.

Insta Chrono

What are Favorites and Following

The Instagram feed allows you to see a mix of photos and videos from people you follow, suggested posts and more. With the help of Favorites and Following, Instagram users will be able to catch up on recent posts from the accounts they follow.

Favorites allows you to see the latest posts by those who you follow such as friends and favorite creators. Besides, posts from accounts in Favorites will also show up higher in your home feed.

Following allows you to see posts from the people you follow on the Instagram. Both Favorites and Following help you quickly catch up on recent posts as both Favorites and Following will show you posts in chronological order.

How to use Favorites and Following

Open the Instagram app and click on the Instagram in the top left corner of your home page to choose what you see.

How your favorites list works

With the help of Favorites, you will be able to see the most recent posts from the accounts that you have added to your favorites list.

One user can add up 50 accounts to their list. They can make changes to their favorities list as and when they feel. A notification will be sent to user’s account when their account will be added or removed from the favourite list.

Posts from accounts on your favorites list will also show up higher in your home feed, as shown by a star icon.

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