Elon Musk Shows a Neuralink-trained Monkey Moving Cursor

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Elon Musk has planned to go ahead with the Neuralink project of implanting a chip in human beings in the coming months, after successfully doing the same in a monkey, of which he shared a clip of the animal moving a cursor.

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Monkey Implanted with Neuralink Chip Does Telepathic Typing

There is a reason why Elon Musk is at the stature where he is and is arguably the richest man on the planet right now, a position that he will occupy for a few more years at least, much to the consternation of his rivals.

He can afford all the luxuries that money can bring and recently he became the owner of one of the biggest social media platforms ever, which he purchased for a whopping $44 billion where he also blocked his ex-girlfriend’s account.

Jokes apart, despite the last part being true, he is the owner of many companies that are as different as chalk and cheese, like Tesla, which is a manufacturer of electric cars, SpaceX, which deals in space exploration technology, and now, Twitter.

Neuralink Corporation is a company that is involved in brain-computer interface of which Musk is an owner as well, which will soon begin a project where a Neuralink chip will be implanted in the human brain and will commence in six months.

The test has already been tested on a monkey, where Musk also shared an image of one, named Sake, that was brain implanted and was shown doing ‘telepathic typing’, as the chip had already been implanted in it and read its brain activity.


While the monkey can type due to the implanted chip, it cannot talk and act like humans even though the fact that he can move the cursor on the display screen when seeing prompts is not something to be sneezed at either, which is all the more surprising as the chip is wireless.

This is the beginning of Neuralink’s brain implant tests where, in due course, human beings will be the guinea pigs instead of monkeys, although it requires approvals from many organizations like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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