Divided By Jio And Airtel Plans, United By 5G Network!

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In the recent course of news, it was revealed that the Government of India made the 5G network available for full-fledged operations. And gaining the advantage of arriving with a variety of the facility with upgraded network connectivity, Jio and Airtel have rolled out some premium and some economical plans.

The country has vividly envisioned a digitally updated and strong ecosystem. Moreover, these two big telecommunication companies of India have made this network possible by connecting the fast pace life with the superior connectivity network and even given the choices to the users to choose the best plan for themselves from the given limited yet sufficient set of plans for their 5G enabled smartphones.

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To recall

There is also cutthroat competition between the two biggest telecommunication companies after the Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated and welcomed the 5G services and operations in India.

Furthermore, the plans offered by both are quite intriguing; however, polarizing the users.

Talking about the plans related to 5G networks. Currently, there are limited but promising and excellent connectivity and operation services with of course the uber-fast 5G network.

And this further discussion may help you to make your decision on which plan to pick but we are not doing a jio Vs Airtel challenge as both the telecommunication companies are here with the motive of absolute satisfaction of the users.

The only requirement from the user’s end is to own a smartphone that is compatible with the services.

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Airtel launching 5G network

Jio And Airtel Plans

On 1st October, Airtel rolled out its 5G network operations. People grabbed the offers laid down by the company at the drop of the hat owing to its vast goodwill.

Airtel already being a star performer in providing great network connectivity services with network boosters deployed at some spots made people purchase the 5G plans quickly.

Airtel started by launching its 5G services across eight metropolitan cities of India, that are Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Varanasi, and Gurugram.

Jio Launch of 5G network

Jio And Airtel Plans

Jio was also not behind in launching its services based on the 5G network. On 5th October 2022, Jio rolled out its 5G services across four major cities of the nation, including Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Varanasi.

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The 5G network connectivity plans Jio is offering are not easy to forget and to talk about. It’s interesting and feasible.

5G plans by Jio and Airtel

Starting with Jio plans, which have arrived with an initial price of INR 239 with unlimited 5G data and up to 1Gbps network speed. Additionally, this 5G plan is available to Prepaid and postpaid plans leaving no space of concern for the users owning a compatible smartphone with a 5G network.

Whereas, we can see Airtel making some appreciable moves for its users having a smartphone complimenting and supporting 5G network connectivity and 4G sim cards as the company has declared that the Airtel 5G plan will be accessible to the users at the equivalent price as the 4G plans.

The premium offers are yet to roll out and there is strong anticipation that the Airtel 5G premium plans will not further be of the same price as the 4G premium plans and might see fluctuation in the price of the plan.


The plans from Airtel and jio are interesting and equally worth considering. It’s too soon to say anything about the degree of satisfaction received from 5G network services.

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