Delete last 15 minutes of your search history on Google’s Android app

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In a latest development, American tech giant Google has started rolling out quick delete’ option on the Android app. According to the report, Google is introducing a new feature that will allow users to delete the last 15 minutes of their search history to its Android app.

If reports are to be believed that the feature will soon be made available to everyone. To check the feature, users need to open Google’s Android app, tap the profile picture, and look for the ‘Delete last 15 min’ option.

In May last year, as a part of Google I/O 2021, Google had announced to introduce a bunch of cool features to enhance the privacy of the users. One particular feature allowed for the device to delete the most recent search made — in the last 15 minutes — in their search history from the Google App.

Besides, Google will also enable users to automatically delete all of their search history after three months, 18 months and after 36 months.

Some other new features such as organized inbox & nudges in messages by Google, highlights on Google TV, Google Photos’ Portrait Blur, Live Transcribe offline mode, Nearby group share, Emoji Kitchen combos, Screen time widget and Pay for parking will also be introduced by Android soon.

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