ControlZ expands the market of renewed phones with the introduction of OnePlus

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To amplify its mission of building ahead the renewed category in the smartphone segment, ControlZ has expanded its product portfolio by adding one more phone for its customers.

ControlZ has added introduced OnePlus to expand its product portfolio for its customers. The decision has been taken after witnessing the significant volumes of sales of renewed iPhone devices on ControlZ.

The Compnay sells as good as new phones and continues to amplify its mission of building ahead the Renewed Category in the smartphone segment.

According to the ControlZ, industry leading technology and features of OnePlus and iPhone make it popular amongst customers from nooks and corners of the country.

Post the addition of OnePlus on ControlZ, customers will be able to buy renewed Oneplus 5, 5t, 6 and 6T, etc from the official ControlZ’s website.

ControlZ extends 12 months of warranty on OnePlus devices along with Dash charger and cable for fast charging.

“With the addition of OnePlus the company has made yet another promising move to expand the market of renewed devices,” said Yug Bhatia, CEO & Founder, ControlZ.

ControlZ is known for selling as good as new phones in the preowned market.

Earlier, ControlZ, acquired Overcart, the country’s first marketplace for overstock, unboxed, reconditioned and pre-owned merchandise. The acquisition is aligned with ControlZ’s growth strategy to set a new benchmark in the renewed smartphone market in India.

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Refurbished phone

Smartphone prices have increased by almost two fold during the past five years, and they continue to rise. Instead of paying extra money for a phone, users can think of considering a refurbished smartphone. Such phones are comparatively cheaper than their brand new counterparts. By opting for a refurbished smartphone users can get their favorite handset for an economical price.

What are Refurbished Phones?

Available at much cheaper rates, refurbished phones are basically the phones that are returned to the seller due to some minor performance defect or dislike. These phones are taken back and repaired by the seller and after which they become like new and are sold again.

It is important to keep in mind that refurbished smartphones must be bought from authentic e-commerce market only. Additionally, you must focus on the return policy so that buyers can return the phone immediately if they do not like it. While taking the old refurbished phone, check each port and sensor of the phone as well.

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