Central Government Acquires Vodafone Idea Stake; Share Prices Shoot Up

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There are so many telecom companies in the country and they all have their own contribution in making the industry what it is today. Be it the more popular Airtel and Idea, or the underrated ones like Vodafone, which has been rechristened from Hutch.

Today, Vodafone is one of the biggest names you can find in the telecom industry and the latest news doing the rounds is that has acquired a stake in Vodafone Idea after its stock price has stabilized at Rs.10 or higher because the company has indeed offered a stake at the price contrary to reports that Vodafone Idea wanted nothing to do with the stakes.

It was the finance ministry that cleared the price that was staked by the company back in July 2022 and the operators throughout India were offered the ability to share interest for four years and that too for deferred spectrum instalments along with gross revenue where the net press value of the interest was converted into equity.

Vodafone Idea Stake
Vodafone Idea

In Brief

The telecom department is adhering to the guidelines of the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) where acquisitions have to take place at par value and has promised Vodafone Idea that it will clear the shares acquisition following the destabilization of shares at Rs.10 or above.

Meanwhile, the company had offered to convert a net worth of Rs.16,000 of interest liability that it owes to the government and once the acquisition process is complete, the promoters will get a 50% stake while the government will get 33%.

It will be interesting to see where this goes down because there are talks going on between both parties where a solution is being worked out where there will be a proper give and take between both sides and no one will be the bearer of loss anywhere.

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