BGMI Hardik Pandya Collaboration Revealed: A Fusion of Cricket and Gaming

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  • BGMI collaborates with cricket sensation Hardik Pandya to bring exclusive in-game items.
  • CEO of KRAFTON India celebrates the union as a blend of skill, grit, and survival.
  • Exclusive cricket-themed emotes, outfits, and voice packs to be introduced.
  • Collaboration teased on September 20, with full details yet to be announced.

BGMI is all set to bowl its fanbase over with a power-packed collaboration featuring cricketing sensation Hardik Pandya.

Aptly integrating the worlds of gaming and cricket, the BGMI Hardik Pandya collaboration promises to bring the cricketer’s unique style and persona into the game’s universe.

Sean Hyunil Sohn, the CEO of KRAFTON India, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating that Pandya’s combination of grit, skill, and survival mirrors the spirit of BGMI.

This collaboration aims to celebrate these shared attributes and offer players the opportunity to experience the thrill of cricket while navigating their battlegrounds.

Giving us a sneak peek into what to expect, Krafton teased fans with a short social media video on September 20.

BGMI Hardik Pandya Collaboration
BGMI Hardik Pandya Collaboration

The video showcases a person with neck tattoos, donned in a blue jersey with the number 33 exposed on the back — unmistakably pointing to Hardik Pandya.
Ending with the tagline “HP Loading,” it’s clear that voice packs and possibly other features will be rolled out shortly.

Detailed in an official press release, the BGMI Hardik Pandya alliance will enrich the game with exclusive in-game items inspired by the cricketer.

These items will include stylish outfits, cricket-themed emotes, skins, helmets, and voice packs that encapsulate the flair and attitude of Hardik Pandya.
These products are designed to allow BGMI users to express themselves with the same dynamism and charisma as the all-rounder himself.

The release date for this unique blend of cricket and gaming has yet to be announced by Krafton.
However, the buzz is already high, and fans are keenly looking forward to what the BGMI Hardik Pandya collaboration will ultimately bring to the table.


Ques) What does the BGMI Hardik Pandya collaboration entail?

The collaboration will introduce exclusive in-game items such as outfits, helmets, skins, and cricket-themed emotes that reflect Hardik Pandya’s unique style and persona.

Ques) Who announced the collaboration?

Sean Hyunil Sohn, the CEO of KRAFTON India, announced the collaboration, emphasizing how it mirrors the shared attributes of grit, skill, and survival between BGMI and Hardik Pandya.

Ques) When was the collaboration teased?

Krafton released a teaser video on social media on September 20, hinting at the collaboration.

Ques) When will the collaboration be live in the game?

The exact date has not been revealed by Krafton, but it is expected to launch soon.

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