Krafton Collaborates with Aston Martin to Elevate BGMI Experience

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  • Aston Martin joins BGMI’s list of luxury car collaborations, featuring three iconic models: DBX707, DBS Volante, and Valkyrie.
  • Exclusive car skins available through Aston Martin Speed Drift event until October 10, 2023.
  • Players receive more than just car skins: exclusive voice messages, elimination broadcasts, and specialized license plates included.

Krafton and Aston Martin have joined forces to introduce new vehicle skins in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).

This adds to BGMI’s existing partnerships with luxury car brands like Lamborghini and Tesla. The British automaker brings three iconic models—DBX707, DBS Volante, and Valkyrie—to the game.

Car Skins and Their Costs in Lucky Badges:

  • DBS Volante Black-Bronze Satin: 1 Lucky badge
  • Valkyrie Racing Green: 1 Lucky badge
  • DBX 707 Quasar Blue: 1 Lucky badge
  • DBS Volante Sebastian Pink: 3 Lucky badges
  • Valkyrie Luminous Diamond: 3 Lucky badges
  • DBX 707 Neon Purple: 3 Lucky badges

Limited-Time Event and Cost Details

Players can acquire these skins through the Aston Martin Speed Drift event, which runs until October 10, 2023. Using the in-game currency UC, players can buy Lucky badges at varying rates to get these skins. However, advancement in the event is luck-based.

Limited-Time Event and Cost Details
Limited-Time Event and Cost Details

Exclusive Features for Aston Martin Owners

Owning one of these Aston Martin skins does more than just amp up your style. You’ll also gain access to special in-game voice messages, such as “Welcome to my Aston Martin,” exclusive elimination broadcasts, and specialized license plates.

Rewards Beyond Cars

Additionally, there are various non-automotive rewards up for grabs, like the Anubis Haute Couture Set, the Neon Vixen Set, and custom gun skins, further enriching the event’s offerings.

List of Event Rewards

  • Anubis Haute Couture Set
  • Emberfox Set
  • Neon Vixen Set
  • Cosmic Steel – AWM Skin
  • Quickfire – DBS Skin
  • Royal Craft – SCAR-L Skin
  • Anubis Haute Couture Cover
  • Emberfox Cover
  • Neon Vixen Cover
  • Gas Canister Smoke Grenade
  • Aston Martin Theme Parachute
  • Signal Scanner Ornament
List of Event Rewards
List of Event Rewards

The Aston Martin collaboration brings with it a sense of grandeur and luxury, not just to the in-game automotive experience but also to the game’s overall environment.

Even the event’s rewards extend to a host of mythic and legendary outfits, custom gun skins, and accessories like the Aston Martin-themed parachute and Signal Scanner Ornament.


Ques) What models of Aston Martin are being introduced to BGMI?

The Aston Martin collaboration brings three models to BGMI: DBX707, DBS Volante, and Valkyrie, each available in two unique colour variants.

Ques) How can players acquire the new Aston Martin car skins?

These skins can be acquired through the limited-time Aston Martin Speed Drift event, where players need to use in-game currency, known as UC, to buy Lucky badges. These badges can then be used to redeem the car skins.

Ques) What are the additional features available to Aston Martin skin owners?

Owners will have access to exclusive voice messages like “Welcome to my Aston Martin,” elimination broadcasts, and specialized license plates.

Ques) What other rewards does the Speed Drift event offer?

Beyond Aston Martin car skins, the event offers a variety of rewards including custom gun skins, mythic and legendary outfits, and special in-game accessories like Aston Martin-themed parachutes.

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