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Are you looking to buy the best smart TVs in India, but are sceptical of brand value and features in terms of quality?

The list given below contains some of the best smart TVs manufacturers in India that best cater to your needs where you can learn all that you need about these models and the clout they command.

TCL C835 New Generation Mini LED 4K Google TV

Best Smart TVs in India

To begin with the Mini LED 4K TV space, TCL has set a massive benchmark with its latest output, TCL C835 and this new generation product is a combination of high-octane features like 144Hz VRR, ONKYO, IMAX Enhanced, Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Atmos, HDR 10+, MEMC, and HDMI 2.1.

It is integrated with Dolby Vision IQ, the TCL Mini LED 4K takes the credit as it is a visual treat of sorts apart from having benefits that go beyond HDR by cleverly optimizing the TV to create a flawless image at any given point of time.

The Dolby Atmos also provides unlimited entertainment with multidimensional sound and excellent clarity through the built-in speakers of the Smart TV, which is only to be expected given how people love Dolby sound.

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It has gone one step further by applying 144Hz VRR that provides quicker response, sharper imagery, and smoother gameplay, so users need not worry about any of these issues at all.

Users are highly competitive when it comes to games and they want to experience high-demanding FPS games, or casual gamers, but this new technology can give them a prominent edge, especially in games involving multiple players and we all know how friends like to play together.

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The Smart TV also comes with Google TV thereby ensuring that users can look forward to hundreds of content options that pop up on the various streaming channels from where they can take their pick.

MI 4C 108 cm Full HD LED Smart Android TV

Best Smart TVs in India

The MI 4C is well equipped with a quad-core CPU along with a 43-inch Full HD LED display. PatchWall 4.0 is based on Android TV 9 on which the TV runs and has an in-built Chromecast and Google Assistant added for good measure.

The device comes with three HDMI connectors and three USB ports in addition to having a strong 20W stereo speaker and supports DTS-HD sound, which plays a key role in producing an excellent output of sound.

The Smart TV is of 43 inches and is classified as a Full HD LED Smart Android TV that provides relevant support to several modern streaming applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, Miracast, Media player, Gallery, TV Manager, Play Movies, YouTube Music, and Play Store.

Panasonic 100 cm Full HD Smart TV – Best Smart TVs in India

Best Smart TVs in India

The Panasonic 100 cm is a 40 inch Full HD Best Smart TVs in India that costs around Rs.34,376, and during promotional campaigns, might be available for less than that. There is nothing much to complain regarding its state-of-the-art video display because its colour accuracy and brightness features are fantabulous for which the credit goes to Vivid Digital Pro, on whom Panasonic has heaped praise and accolades time and time again.

Now if you add the Adaptive Backlight Dimming then it is becomes quite intriguing sight as it selectively regulates the display lighting and it is this intelligent function that increases the image contrast ratio and delivers a sharper and clearer picture.

Panasonic TV has always supported a variety of HDR formats and is quite useful for Smart TVs. It comes with a 16-watt audio system and provides excellent audio clarity that give a soothing effect.

Sony X90J – Best Smart TVs in India

Sony X90J

This device includes a 120Hz 4K resolution panel along with two full-spec HDMI 2.1 connectors for your PlayStation models, especially PS5. It comes with the added features VRR (variable refresh rate) and ALLM (auto low latency mode for sub-10ms lag) that greatly enhance your experience while playing different kinds of games.

Users need to go into the visual options and choose ‘Enhanced format‘ for the selecting HDMI connection and need to follow the steps accordingly in order to benefit from its 2.1 specifications.

Then you have a new Cognitive XR processor that is available on Sony’s top 2021 TVs and gives excellent upscaling and contrast control. When a device has Google TV innovative platform that features a simple setup and extensive app compatibility through which anyone can use Google Cast from Android devices.

The MI QLED TV Best Smart TVs in India

Best Smart TVs in India

This is a 75-inch television that is just what the doctor orders for people that want to experience a large-screen gaming experience on a modest budget. It has three HDMI 2.1 connectors but supports only ALLM and does not support VRR or 4K resolution at 120Hz. If you wish to play at 120Hz, you’ll have to reduce the resolution to 1080p.

MI QLED TV has full-array backlighting with local dimming and being a QLED TV, users can experience beautiful images in terms of visual quality due to which many people call it a visual spectacle of sorts.

It is an optional choice to want a giant screen gaming experience in 4K at 60Hz and the price-to-screen size ratio is a strong value proposition in this case that will provide you unlimited leisure.

Samsung Q80A

Samsung Q80A

Here we have another QLED model on this list as it includes an adaptive picture mode that is adjustable like no other product on the market which is why so many people prefer this one over others.

It is not like those standard LED TVs as quantum dot technology is renowned for producing excellent saturation and colour accuracy that makes this particular model stand out amongst the others in the list.

The Smart TVs settings are based on the ambient light in the room to give the best possible picture as this has been one of the biggest complainants of many viewers who constantly lament on the bad picture quality.

The device also comes with Samsung TV Plus that offers HDMI 2.1 for people who want to play games and have fun but an added plus point for this device is that it is compatible with Al Assistant and has a 40W sound output accompanied by a 2.2-channel speaker configuration and runs on Tizen OS that provides access to all relevant streaming platforms.

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