Apple Watch Proves to be a Life Saver, detects tumor

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We have to hand it to electronic gadgets for making our life easier than ever. There are many of them out there that vie for our attention ranging from smartphones and laptops but there is one that doesn’t come up in conversations as much as it should.

An apple watch turned into a life saver as per reports when it saved the life of a woman in Maine, New England. One mistake that many people make is equating Apple watch to a regular smartwatch when in fact it is much more than that.

It has saved countless lives by alerting them at the right time and the above reference was of a woman that had a tumor but was not even aware of it. It is due to this tumor that her heartbeats were quite irregular, which prompted the Apple smartwatch to turn saviour.

The woman herself considered the smartwatch to be utterly worthless until she realized what it did and swears by it to this day. The tumor was spreading at a rapid pace so much so that it started blocking blood supply to her heart and she could have suffered a stroke anytime.


Apple Smartwatch Series 8 is capable of detecting fever as well, which is quite useful in times of Covid-19 when it can detect fluctuating body temperature. Earlier it was simply limited to checking heartrate, oxygen level and workout steps while walking, etc.

Apple Watch

An additional feature that the new smartwatch series will have is the temperature sensor, which might soon replace thermometers in recording body temperature, which will also be present in the smartwatch series meant for athletes.

However, the above incident just goes to prove is how important an Apple smartwatch is for people grappling with health issues as it was able to immediately detected a deadly tumor that could have aggravated the heart condition of a woman.

There have been innumerable reports over the past few years of iPhones and smartwatches saving lives of their users but one that can detect life threatening ailments is quite remarkable indeed.

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