Apple Introduces iOS 17.2 Beta 2 with Enhanced Privacy and Vision Pro Features

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  • iOS 17.2 Beta 2 debuts with Vision Pro camera support and new privacy features for iPhone 15 Pro users.
  • Sensitive Content Warning system extended to Messages and Contacts apps.
  • Spatial video recording feature sets the stage for upcoming Vision Pro headset integration.
  • Siri updates include new functionalities like ETA announcements and altitude readings.

Apple has released the second beta of its upcoming iOS 17.2 update to registered developers, showcasing a suite of new features and enhancements.

Here’s what users can expect from the latest iteration, including advancements in Siri’s functionality, Vision Pro camera capabilities on the iPhone 15 Pro, and critical updates to content warnings within Apple’s ecosystem.

iOS 17.2 Beta 2: Availability and Installation

The new beta, identified as build number 21C5040g, is now accessible to developers who can download it through the “Software Update” section found under “General” settings.

Public beta testers are anticipated to receive access later in the week, following Apple’s standard phased rollout approach.

New Camera Features for iPhone 15 Pro: Spatial Video

iOS 17.2 Beta 2: New Camera Features
iOS 17.2 Beta 2: New Camera Features

A highlight of the iOS 17.2 beta 2 is the introduction of spatial video recording features, exclusive to iPhone 15 Pro users.

This innovative functionality is designed to complement the upcoming Vision Pro headset by allowing the capture of three-dimensional videos, giving a glimpse into Apple’s future mixed-reality offerings.

Sensitive Content Warning Enhancement

Sensitive Content Warning Enhancement
Sensitive Content Warning Enhancement

iOS 17.2 beta 2 takes significant strides in user security and content management with the expansion of its Sensitive Content Warning system.

Initially introduced to safeguard users from unsolicited nudity in photos and videos, the Sensitive Content Warning system in iOS 17 has been extended.

Now covering stickers in the Messages app and Contact Posters in the Contacts app, this feature employs on-device machine learning to analyze and blur potentially explicit content.

Vision Pro Camera Features

The second beta for iOS 17.2 unlocks the potential for iPhone 15 Pro users to record spatial videos.

This feature seems tailored for compatibility with the forthcoming Vision Pro headset, enabling users to capture footage with a 3D effect.

Apple’s move to integrate such advanced camera features highlights its commitment to pushing the boundaries of smartphone technology.

Apple Introduces iOS 17.2 Beta 2
Apple Introduces iOS 17.2 Beta 2

Further Improvements and Features

Beyond these two key enhancements, the beta also revises the Settings menu structure, relocates the “Coverage” menu for better accessibility, and introduces Siri’s ability to announce the estimated time of arrival and current altitude.

How to Prepare for the Update

For users eager to experience these new offerings, keep an eye on the Settings app for when the update becomes available to the public.

Ensure your iPhone is ready for the new features by backing up your data and maintaining at least 50% battery life or connecting to a power source before initiating the software update.


What is the iOS 17.2 Beta 2, and who can access it?

The iOS 17.2 Beta 2 is the latest pre-release version of Apple’s operating system, available to registered developers for testing new features such as spatial video recording and enhanced content warnings. It will be accessible to public beta testers shortly after the developer release.

How does the Sensitive Content Warning feature work in iOS 17.2 Beta 2?

The Sensitive Content Warning feature uses machine learning to scan and blur images and videos that may contain nudity. In iOS 17.2 Beta 2, this feature has been expanded to include stickers in Messages and Contact Posters in the Contacts app.

What is spatial video recording in iOS 17.2 Beta 2?

Spatial video recording is a new feature for iPhone 15 Pro that allows users to capture video with a 3D effect, designed for use with the upcoming Vision Pro mixed reality headset. It records in 1080p resolution and is optimized for later viewing in a three-dimensional format.

How can users enable the new features in iOS 17.2 Beta 2?

Users can activate the new features by updating to iOS 17.2 Beta 2 via the “Software Update” section in the “General” settings of their iPhone. The Sensitive Content Warning can be turned on in the “Privacy and Security” settings.

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