Apple Begins to Show Rare Vulnerability Ahead of Economic Slowdown

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The economy seems to have caught up with Apple. The firm appears to be sensitive to outside variables like growing inflation, rising interest rates, the rising US currency, and the prospect of a recession for the first time in a while.

In anticipation of a global economic slowdown. Apple aims to reduce spending and recruit across several teams over the next year. The company will release its fiscal third-quarter sales report later this week, and most experts believe it will be essentially flat compared with last year. Additionally, Apple’s supply chain still has some issues, which may restrict the availability of some of its upcoming gadgets.

Apple will not renew some positions when employees depart and will maintain a flat headcount for some teams as a result of the recruitment slowdown.

The business isn’t going as far as some of its major competitors, which had already announced mass layoffs, such as Tesla Inc., Meta Platforms Inc., and Microsoft Corp. Apple is avoiding layoffs and hasn’t made a public announcement about its plans as of yet. However, I believe Apple will indicate the change on its analyst conference call on Thursday.

The rate of increase in sales, according to analysts, will be around 2 percent lower than a year ago and the worst since 2020. in comparison to  Apple’s 36 percent increase during the third quarter of 2021.

It is estimated that revenue would total around $82.7 billion. According to experts, the iPhone will contribute just under half of that, with services bringing in nearly $20 billion. 

The challenges faced by Apple to go beyond Economic challenges.

The organization has previously stated that the top line for the previous quarter can be reduced by $4 billion to $8 billion due to supply problems raised by Chinese lockdowns and the chip shortage.

People furnishing their home offices as a result of the epidemic spent a lot of money in the third quarter of 2021. As a result, sales of iPods and Macs saw a healthy increase.

Even though the most recent MacBook Air was revealed in the third quarter, it wasn’t made available until the fourth. Since the MacBook Air is Apple’s most popular Mac, many buyers put off purchasing one while they awaited the release of the next model.

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