5G Bands Supported in India: Everything You Need to Know

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India’s minister of electronics and information technology, Ashwini Vaishnav, reported that so far, bids of Rs 1.49 lakh have been received as part of the bidding.

Reliance Jio, Airtel, Idea-Vodafone, and the newest participant, Adani Data Networks, are all actively competing in the ongoing 5G auction, which is being held in India.

You can use this to determine if your 5G smartphone is compatible with the 5G bands in India.

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Which 5G bands are available in India?

As of present now, the 5G auction in India is still going on. It will end on August 14, 2022. However, several key aspects about 5G bands are already available to the general public.

These 5G frequency bands are up for sale, according to the Department of Telecommunications (DoT): 600 MHz, 700 MHz, 800 MHz, 900 MHz, 1,800 MHz, 2,100 MHz, 2,300 MHz, 3,300 MHz, 3,500 MHz, and 26 GHz.

The two 5G frequency bands that telecom powerhouses are most interested in are the low-band 700MHz (n28) and the mid-band 3500MHz (n78). A preferred 5G frequency range for delivering sub-6GHz 5G services to the general public is the n78 (3300-3800MHz) spectrum.

It belongs to the mid-band group and has a theoretical maximum speed of 1Gbps. Yes, it’s slower than mmWave 5G, it is also more affordable, has a wider range, and is available everywhere.

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The ultra-fast mmWave 5G band, specifically the n258 band, also known as the 26GHz (24.25–27.5 GHz) frequency band, is a high 5G band with ultra-low latency and promised speeds up to 10Gbps. This is drawing a lot of attention from companies like Adani Data Networks and Jio.

5G Bands

List of Supported 5G Bands in India

5G bands Frequency range
n1 2100MHz
n3 1800MHz
n5 800MHz
n8 900MHz
n28 700MHz
n40 2300MHz
n41 2500MHz
n71 600MHz
n77 3300-4200MHz
n78 3300-3800MHz
n257 26.5GHz-29.5GHz
n258 26GHz(24.25-27.5 GHz)
n260 37.0GHz-40.0GHz
n261 27.5GHz-28.35GHz


Smart Phones that support the 5G Bands

The majority of 5G phones that are being sold in India now support every 5G band that is currently being auctioned in. The carriers that have acquired spectrum in various circles are still to be determined, although all the mid-bands appear to be well-liked in important circles like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Tamil Nadu, Haryana & UP, and more.

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