Your Phone Has A Secret Spy, How To Stop Google From Recording?

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Did you hear that google can also record? Did you know that Google is maintaining the minutes of every meeting? Well, it is very much a possibility with the companies tracking down your preferences and every smartphone has an embedded microphone.

We find it necessary for the users to discover the recording and to stop the recording when necessary. Further, you will be enlightened about all such aspects.

Eavesdropping Alert!

We all have grown up listening to the phrase talk in low volume as walls have ears too and we rebuffed that idea funnily. However, in the 21st century, there is a twist in the tale, not wall but Google is hearing all our talks and recording too. We signed up for this by allowing the microphone settings without getting into much detail and Google records what we are constantly talking about. Google has backed the idea of enabling microphones in the device with convincing reasons that include:

  1. The wake word ‘OK Google’ feature of OK Google requires you to identify the term for further conversation.
  2. “Hey, Google” for Google maps again asks users to activate the voice recognition feature. In Android smartphones, there is an auto-on for voice recognition.

Where to find the recordings

We voluntarily yet unknowingly give Google the approval of recording our conversation. Moreover, we are unaware of the location of our recording. We can listen to what all Google has recorded by following these steps:

  1. For accessing and gathering your Google Recording, Log into your Google account and go to Google My Activity, where you scroll through the list until you find the ‘Web & App Activity’ section. Click on Manage Activity followed by filtering the selection by date and product.
  2. You will be provided with the listicle, where you can select apply after selecting the Voice and Audio checkbox. Just like that, you have found all that Google has recorded so far.

Steps for Stopping Google from listening and recording

How To Stop Google From Recording?

There are numerous ways to stop Google from recording conversations. We have come up with an easy yet effective approach for the users as this will limit the Google Account from listening to the conversations and enforce no harsh disabilities to the system. This approach can be said as the simplest way to stop listening immediately by basically disabling and commanding your Google account to disable the saving audio recording feature. The steps for the same are as follows will aid you to turn off Google Voice History:

  1. While logged into your Google account, move your focus to Google My Activity, followed by selecting  Web & App Activity.
  2. Once the Web & App Activity page is open, disable the audio recording by turning off the Audio Recording box.

Voila, you have just unabled your google account from logging in to any audio saving, that includes Google Assistant, Google Maps, or Google Search.

This has to be noted that only the recording part has been stopped and put off but the listening criteria are still very much enabled and listening to the conversations.


We just discovered a secret Google spy listening and recording the conversations. It sounds a little spooky but microphones in every smartphone are unleashing pros and cons that we are probably not comfortable with, but we can have it all under control. Follow the steps!

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