Wireless Router is the gateway between your home and internet: Netgear Report 2021

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According to the recent Consumer Report-2021, Wireless Router is the gateway between your home and internet. A faster internet service can enable larger home to spread Wi-Fi throughout which not only allows user to access fast internet, but it further brings widely used streaming services to your devices—from a tablet to a big-screen TV.

It enables user to pay bills with a single click and keep a watchful eye on the property with a video doorbell. But for many people who have been living in the large homes or one with thick brick walls are going through a tough time because their routers cannot be as fast as they commit, and hence acts like a source of frustration.

Because of these challenges, the network providers have been working on the technology of mesh router, which could help user for better connectivity and enable them to access fast connected lifestyle.

And focusing on the above-said, The Consumer Report is out with the best scores from the testing for the Year -2021 after extensive testing. NETGEAR with its multiple products has made it to the exclusive list and here are the best mesh routers based on the CR’s latest testing featured products.

What is a mesh router?

A mesh router uses multiple devices—a base station (which plugs into the modem that connects your home to the internet) and additional satellite units (typically one or two) — that works together to spread Wi-Fi throughout your dwelling.

Although the technology of mesh router is quite advance and costly but in today’s time, user can get an affordable router as per the requirement. While the best mesh routers could cost around $500, today one can buy reliable models for half of that costing. In fact, 11 of the 19 options in the ratings now cost $250 or less.

Consumer Reports tests dozens of wireless routers to measure how well they perform across a range of criteria, including how fast they transmit data at a variety of distances and how easy they are to set up. Also, they incorporate privacy and security into our testing, noting, for example, whether the router allows you to set long, complex passwords and whether it automatically updates the onboard software, protecting you from online threats.

As per the Consumer Reports latest test, here is a list of best mesh routers available for big homes for better connectivity.

From the premium price relative to others in the category, the NETGEAR Orbi AX4200 (two-pack) is a good choice for consumers in larger homes with demanding needs to cater high-resolution video streaming or fast-paced online games. Automatic firmware updates which is good for security, five built-in Ethernet ports (for direct connections to, say, a game console or smart home hub), and simple mobile app-based setup make the model easy to recommend. You may also appreciate the subdued design: It doesn’t scream “router.”

The Orbi AX4200 supports Wi-Fi 6, the latest wireless standard that promises faster speeds and better support for the large number of connected devices that populate the average home.

The NETGEAR Nighthawk AX1800 is under affordable premium router and is a good choice for consumers with a lot of demanding devices vying for Wi-Fi. It offers app-based setup, support for Wi-Fi 6, automatic firmware updates (good for security), and four built-in Ethernet ports (though no USB ports).

This is the price for the three-pack, which features one main unit and two satellites. NETGEAR also sells a $200 two-pack with one base station and one satellite unit.

This TP-Link three-pack is a CR Best Buy, which means it not only scores well in our tests but also is quite affordable compared with other options in this category.

The model offers six Ethernet ports, too (though no USB ports). You have to manually update the firmware, though other routers now do this automatically. The firmware ensures that you always have the latest security improvements. The model also uses the older Wi-Fi 5 standard, which may not be ideal for early adopters who routinely buy the latest smartphone and gadgets, because those are increasingly designed to reap the benefits of Wi-Fi 6.

Eero offers various models, but this popular entry-level option makes the most sense for everyday consumers. Consumer Report team tested the second-generation version, but there’s a new Wi-Fi 6 model working its way through our labs.

The second-generation Eero provides strong speeds even at long distances; offers easy, app-based setup; and has a couple of built-in Ethernet ports (though no USB ports) for connecting nearby devices. On paper the more advanced Eero Pro model ($400) should perform even better (in part thanks to its support of a third frequency band), but that might not be worth the extra money for most consumers.

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