Why is the iPhone 15 Pro Priced Higher in India? Unpacking the Cost Factors

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  • 7 percent of Apple’s global iPhone production occurs in India, but only for standard models.
  • iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max face a 20 percent import duty coming from China.
  • An added 18 percent GST pushes the iPhone Pro’s price up by 38 percent compared to international rates.

Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro has raised eyebrows in India, not just for its cutting-edge features, but for its staggering price tag.

Many wonder, why is the iPhone 15 Pro so costly in India, as compared to other regions, particularly with Apple’s touted Make-in-India initiative.
Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why.

India’s Role in Apple’s Global Production: Only non-pro models

While 7 percent of Apple’s global iPhone production happens in India, it’s primarily the standard models, such as the iPhone 15.

The premium iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, on the other hand, are birthed in China. This results in a 20 percent import duty when these models enter India.

iPhone 15 series: USB PD charging, USB-C Thunderbolt port
Apple’s Global Production

Taxation: Another Leap in the Price Tag

The fiscal hits don’t stop at import duties. When an iPhone Pro model’s price tag is crafted for the Indian market, it also includes the 18 percent Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Thus, before an Indian consumer even touches the iPhone Pro, its price has already been augmented by a staggering 38 percent compared to global rates.

Moreover, the fluctuating nature of the Indian Rupee against the US Dollar adds another layer of complexity, pushing Apple to maintain a buffer in its pricing.

A Silver Lining?

But it’s not all grim news. The standard iPhone 15, produced locally, incurs just a 2.5 percent import duty on components.
This strategic move aligns the iPhone 15’s cost closer to US prices, sparing Indians from an even heftier price tag.

India’s high taxation on imports aims to boost local manufacturing, benefiting the nation’s economy and generating jobs. Apple’s manufacturing journey in India reflects the success of this vision.

The future, however, holds promise. Given recent supply chain disruptions in China and India’s manufacturing prowess, Apple might consider producing its Pro models in India.

Should this materialize, Indian tech enthusiasts could soon enjoy a more wallet-friendly price for Apple’s premium range.


Why is the iPhone 15 Pro more expensive in India than in other countries?

The price increase is due to a combination of import duties, GST, and the fact that Pro models are not currently manufactured in India.

Does Apple’s Make-in-India initiative not impact the iPhone 15 Pro’s price?

The initiative primarily benefits the standard models, like iPhone 15, which are produced in India. Pro models, manufactured in China, don’t enjoy these benefits.

How does GST affect the iPhone 15 Pro’s pricing?

GST adds an 18 percent cost on top of the device’s price after import duties, leading to a total increase of 38 percent compared to global prices.

Could future iPhone Pro models be cheaper in India?

There’s potential for cost savings if Apple decides to produce Pro models in India, especially considering recent supply chain challenges in China.

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