WhatsApp rolling out the ability to add 512 members to a group: Know how to use the feature

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WhatsApp has been coming up with lots of new features to give ease to the users in ways missing for a long time. The platform has recently introduced a message reaction feature to save from all unnecessary situations. It is also currently working to bring an edit button to help you rectify all your typos even from sent messages. A few days back, WhatsApp also announced its coming update where the users will be able to add 512 members to a group. Well, the platform has finally started to roll out the same for many users. Check the details below:

WhatsApp update: Add 512 members to a group

WhatsApp recently announced a feature to completely change the group dynamics. Earlier there was a limit of 256 participants that you can add to one group, but what about your big MNC? Was it enough, absolutely no! So, rescuing you and keeping your team intact, WhatsApp has now doubled the number of participants that you can add to one group. The feature was announced a few months back and now it is finally available to the users globally.

The new feature was first spotted by WABetaInfo, which in a post noted that shortly after its announcement last month, the Meta-owned had rolled out the feature to the beta version of WhatsApp‘s Android, iOS, and Desktop-based apps. Now, a month later, the company has started rolling out this feature to all its users across the globe.

How to check

If you want to check whether you have received the functionality the trick is very simple and straight. You can follow these simple steps to check whether your WhatsApp account has updated to the latest feature or not:

Step1: Go to create group options and make one.

(The most simple step to check the new feature is you creating a new group or tapping on the new group option).

Step2: Go to the list of all your WhatsApp contacts who can be added in the group.

(The same screen will show you the list of contacts you can add to the new group).

Step3: The screen will show you the increased number of participants that can be added to the group.

If you see that you can add up to 512 members, it means that you have received the update, if not, you can try updating the app to get the feature.

WhatsApp users can add up to 512 members to a group: How to update on iOS?

If you are confused on how to update your WhatsApp on your operating system then don’t worry. Here’s an easy guide you can follow:

Step1: Head over to App store.

Step2: Search for WhatsApp using the search bar.

Step3: You will see an update option, hit the option.

Once you hit the update option, you will get the new function on your account. In a similar way you can also update your WhatsApp on your Android phone. Just go to the Play Store and search WhatsApp. Then click on the update options appearing on the screen.

Major updates on WhatsApp: Communities for iOS, edit feature, and more

Notably, the ability to add 512 members to a group is not the only feature that the platform is introducing. There are many more in the pipeline. here’s a quick overview of all.

File sharing up to 2GB

The platform has finally increased its file sharing limit to 2GB. Now we don’t have to face any difficulty and send all the big files on WhatsApp only. Earlier the limit was only 100MB.

Communities for iOS

In addition to that, the company has also announced Communities, which according to the company will enable people to bring together separate groups under one umbrella with a structure that works for them. This feature is expected to arrive in the app soon.

Edit sent messages

WhatsApp is soon to roll out edit button for all the sent messages. The reported option in WhatsApp will allow users to edit their text messages after sending them. Currently, users can only delete the message sent by them.

There are more like Undo button, reaction feature, and soon to come the double verification code. If you want to know in detail, you can also follow the link below:

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