WhatsApp Appeal Rejected by Delhi High Court

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WhatsApp and Facebook seem to be in hot soup currently as they are under scrutiny by the Delhi High Court and being investigated regarding their 2021 privacy policy by the Competition Commission of India.

They have filed a plea in the High Court against the single bench order that is investigated their privacy policy but if the current reports are to be believed, it has been dismissed as a result of which the investigation will continue.

Facebook had already appealed to the High Court to interfere against the CCI as they found their investigation to be unjustified only to be denied by the division bench, whose head included Chief Justice Satish Chandra Sharma and Justice Subramanian Prasad as they both found the plea ‘devoid of merits’.

The order was reserved on July 2022 and was announced a month later around the last week of August. It looks like things aren’t looking too bright for WhatsApp and Facebook as the probe into their investigation will continue and they can only hope that nothing goes worse.

This is perhaps the first time that both platforms are facing such a scrutiny from the authorities who have found something unscrupulous in their privacy policy that might affect data security of the users.

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