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WWW is a term that we all our familiar with but very few know about its full form so for the unversed it is World Wide Web. Web 3.0, also known as Semantic Web, seems to be a new phenomenon in the horizon that many people are excited about.

Before getting into Web 3.0, let us refresh about Web 1.0 and 2.0 as there are many that have forgotten about it. Web 1.0 was the prevalent internet that began in the late 80s and lasted till 2000.

This website was limited to gathering limited amount of information on any topic with a few servers that we could interact with apart from a few search engines and ecommerce websites like Ebay and Amazon.

2.0 was an upgraded version of 1.0 with features that were more advanced than the latter and far more collaborative, capable and interactive that gave us smartphone and other electronic gadgets with technical finesse.


Now it is time for the 3rd generation, or rather 3.0, to come in as it will have the defining characteristics that far exceeds the technical advancements of 1.0 and 2.0 by a wide margin because it is considered the evolution of web tech.

The age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is upon us and so is Web 3.0, also known as Semantic Web, is speculated to be defined by intelligence and expertise

that will have features of high level caliber.

While 1.0 and 2.0 had interactions limited to users and websites, 3.0 will be between software and hardware but the story is much more than what meets the eye as the difference between 3.0 and its predecessors is vast.

Web 3.0 is predicted to act as the defining future of internet that will work on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Etherium with the use of blockchain technology. Unlike the previous two, no single entity will be incharge of 3.0 but it will be a trustworthy venture.

Users are known to follow the consensus protocols and with 3.0 predicted to have intelligence to rival that of the human brain, the network that comes into being will be open and require no permission.

Just like any upgraded feature of a new operating system, Web 3.0 too will be upgraded and remove the inconveniences caused by the now obsolete versions of 2.0 and 1.0 where we’ll have the websites in ubiquitous form in any device be it smartphone, desktop, tablet, etc.

A user can now connect to web with any device from anywhere, which would imply that all your software devices with all the stored data is linked with the web and work in a synchronized manner.


Some important features of Web 3.0 are as follows:

  • Semantic Web

    As mentioned above, it is going to be an advanced and upgraded version of 2.0 where web technologies will be able to generate and share relevant content that just requires searching and analyzing said content where it won’t be limited to keywords but the entire summary based on how quick the web is in grasping it


  • Artificial Intelligence

    It is difficult to fathom that electronic devices will have the capability to think and analyze on the level of human beings but tie acute combo of semantic expertise with language processor, you can achieve results at a quicker pace


  • Connectivity

    Relevant data is stored because Web 3.0 has a stronger connection due to semantic metadata that will make it easy for users to access information on the topic due to the speed in connectivity


  • Ubiquity

    Due to the sheer volume of electronic devices, anyone can access websites and other online content from any part of the world and isn’t just limited to your desktop PC


  • Edge Computing

    With the new feature, saved data and applications can be processed on numerous electronic devices through network edge. This process is called Edge Computing


  • 3D Graphics

    All the websites and online services for Web 3.0 will be available in 3D Format like ecommerce portals, games, messaging, etc.


  • Blockchain

    This technology will be a gamechanger for 3.0 as it will encrypt and protect all the data in the system without leaving it vulnerable to external interference

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  • Decentralization

    There are numerous assets and data available but this data network will allow users to have complete ownership over them that’ll make it easy for them to login without being tracked or identified

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