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* JioDive VR headset lets you watch TATA IPL on JioCinema with a 360-degree view.
* JioDive VR headset works with Android 9 and iOS 15 and up.
* With the JioImmerse app, you can access a wide range of fun VR games and apps.
* JioDive is the first VR headset to be launched by Jio.
* The new VR headset can be used to watch IPL on JioCinema.
* JioDive works exclusively for Jio 4G, Jio 5G and Jio Fiber users.

JioCinema might be a new OTT platform but it has introduced many new features for IPL 2023. The Jio-owned platform, ahead of IPL this year, announced that users can watch matches from different angles, including a bird’s eye view, stump cam view and the cable cam view.

The platform also lets viewers watch IPL in 4K. To enhance the viewing experience even further, Jio has now announced a new product for customers who want to takie their IPL viewing experience a notch higher. Jio has announced a new virtual reality (VR) headset called JioDive. The new JioDive VR headset will let viewers simulate the experience of watching the game in a stadium and watch IPL matches with a 360-degree view.

JioDive price in India and features have been announced amid the ongoing IPL 2023. In fact, customers can even place an order to watch IPL matches in 360-degree with the new VR headset.

JioDive VR headset

Jio Cinema has introduced several new features for the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023, despite being a relatively new OTT platform.

Earlier, the platform owned by Jio stated that its users would have the ability to view IPL matches from various perspectives, such as a stump cam view, bird’s eye view, and cable cam view.

Now, the company has launched a JioDive VR (virtual reality) headset that will allow users to virtually experience watching IPL matches from within a stadium with a 360-degree view. Take a look at it.

Let’s take a look at the JioDive features, price in India and other details.

JioDive Price in India and Features

JioDive VR headset

JioDive is a new VR headset launched by Jio to let users get a stadium-like experience at home. The new VR headset is available for purchase in India at Rs 1,299 at launch. It comes with offers from Paytm Wallet and others as well where users can get a Rs 500 cashback. Customers can place an order for the JioDive VR headset on JioMart, the company’s online store for a variety of products.

JioDive headset comes in a single black colour option. The headset needs to be paired with your Android smartphone or an iPhone to watch IPL matches in VR. Viewers will also be required to download and install the JioImmerse app to watch IPL in VR. The app is available for download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

It is worth noting that JioDive is compatible with phones having a screen size of up to 6.7 inches for an ideal experience. A smartphone needs to have a minimum of a 4.7-inch display to be compatible with the Jio VR headset. The VR headset will use the paired device’s gyroscope and accelerometer to offer the immersive experience. Also, users need to have a smartphone running either Android 9 or iOS 15 to get the Jio VR headset paired. Users will be able to watch matches from different angles, some of which were mentioned above.

JioDive VR headset

Provided your device is compatible and meets the requirements, viewers can get an experience as if they are watching IPL on a 100-inch virtual screen. The device also features a click button to easily navigate and interact in VR.

The headset also comes equipped with adjustment wheels to help fine-tune the lenses and adjust the focus as per the viewer’s fit. There is also a central wheel that helps eliminate the double image for a better viewing experience.

IMG_2164 IMG_2165 IMG_2166 IMG_2167

Jio’s website revealed users need to have a Jio 4G, Jio 5G or Jio Fiber connection to access the JioImmerse app. Users can also connect their wired earphones or Bluetooth-enabled audio devices to their phone before placing it in their JioDive headset. Users who have the Jio VR headset will also be able to watch other content on the JioCinema app.

Key Features

JioDive VR headset

  • Exclusively for Jio users
  • Get JioDive to watch TATA IPL on JioCinema in an immersive 360 view
  • Catch the thrill of TATA IPL on JioCinema on a 100-inch virtual screen with JioDive
  • Compatible with phones having screen size up to 6.7 inches.
  • Supports Android 9+ and iOS 15+. To check phone compatibility, install the JioImmerse app
  • Access a wide range of exciting VR games and apps with the JioImmerse app
  • Click button for seamless interaction in VR
  • 3-way adjustable strap for a perfect fit
  • Adjustable lenses with center and side wheels for a sharper image and optical comfort
  • Non-Returnable Product:JioDive Smartphone-based Virtual Reality headset is Non-Returnable due to hygiene reason

JioDive VR headset

Faqs on JioDive VR headset

1) What is JioDive VR headset price &availability?

Ans) The JioDive VR headset is available in black colour and priced at Rs 1,299. It can be ordered from JioMart, where users can receive acashback of Rs 500 via offers from Paytm Wallet and other additional offers.

2) What are JioDive VR headset features?

Ans) The JioDive VR headset has a maximum screen size of 6.7 inches. For the Jio VR headset to be compatible, a smartphone must have a display size of at least 4.7 inches. The immersive experience will be provided by the VR headset using the gyroscope and accelerometer of the paired device.

The headset is equipped with adjustment wheels that allow the viewer to adjust the focus and fine-tune the lenses for a better fit. Additionally, a central wheel is present to enhance the viewing experience by eliminating the double image.

3) What are Some key features of the VR headset?

Ans)* Only for people who use Jio.
* JioDive VR headset lets you watch TATA IPL on JioCinema with a 360-degree view.
* JioDive lets you watch TATA IPL on a 100-inch virtual screen on JioCinema.
* Phones with screens up to 6.7 inches can use it.
* It works with Android 9 and iOS 15 and up.
* With the JioImmerse app, you can access a wide range of fun VR games and apps.
* Click the button to connect with VR easily. The strap can be adjusted in three ways to get the best fit.
* The lenses can be changed with wheels in the middle and on the sides for a clearer picture and more comfort.

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