Twitter may soon allow you to reply to tweets with separate threads

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Microblogging platform Twitter is said to be coming up with a new feature that would let you reply to tweets with an entire new tweet thread of your own. As per reports, this feature is in the testing phase as of now and could take some time before being rolled out on Android and iOS.

Jan Manchun Wong, an engineer at Twitter, dropped a hint of this feature by sharing a screenshot of the new interface that would allow users to add to their tweet thread.

The upcoming feature will be of a great help to people who intend to have conversations that somewhat start deviating from the main topic, without hampering them.

However, it is, at present, not clear how the company looks to handle notifications, in a way that it does not affect the original poster or other users following the tweet, as per reports.

Interestingly, the upcoming feature is said to be perfect for people who love having lengthy and detailed interactions, but the 280 character limit works as a deterrent. If you are interested, you can continue on that single thread that prevents the original tweet and interactions from getting cluttered.

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