Top 10 Smartphone Myths That You Too Might Have Fallen For

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Ever since smartphones were introduced, there have been numerous myths associated with them. It’s amazing how, despite the continuous debunking of these myths associated with smartphones, they are popular among people.

We all think we know the tricks and advice that will benefit our mobile phones, whether it’s extending battery life or using the smartphone at a distance to prevent harmful radiation. But are you sure these methods work?

To help put an end to the widespread misconceptions about modern smartphones, we’re going to address the top 10 most common myths associated with these devices:

Cell phones can start fires at gas stations

There has never been a recorded instance of a cell phone setting a gas station on fire. The MythBuster Discovery TV programme claims that attempts to start gas pump fires with cell phones have failed.

Fires that happen at gas stations are typically started by a buildup of static electricity and not your cell phone. These dangerous static charges can be produced when getting in and out of your car.

So even though your phone won’t cause a fire, leave it in the vehicle. It will be easier for you to pay attention to your surroundings.

Top 10 Smartphone Myths

A similar myth lies around the use of smartphones in hospitals and on planes. Due to these myths, the stewardess asks us to turn off our phones, and there are signs around hospitals asking us to put them away.

The battery in your phone is harmed by overnight charging

Smartphones are referred to as “smart” devices because they can detect when charging is complete. Once the battery level reaches 100%, the phone will no longer accept charges.

If you leave it plugged in all night, your battery life will be slightly shortened over time because the phone will restart charging whenever the power reaches 99%.

Even though the phone is not charging, electricity is still being used. So, the cable should still be removed when you go to bed.

Top 10 Smartphone Myths

Before charging, let your phone discharge completely

Not only is it bad for the battery to let your phone run completely flat before plugging it in, but if you do it frequently, it may even cause damage. Your phone’s Lithium-ion battery doesn’t suffer from the memory effect, so you don’t need to completely discharge it to get accurate readings on the percentage of the battery that is still charged.

Connecting your battery to a charger whenever you have a chance is the best thing you can do for it.

Low screen light is better for your eyes

It doesn’t matter how bright or dark you keep your phone; it won’t hurt your eyes. However, if you keep the light dim, it will strain your eyes. You might get a headache from that, but your eyes won’t be harmed.

Smartphones generate harmful levels of radiation

If everyone was still convinced that this was actually true, then we would all throw our phones out in the nearest trash can and take a long decontamination shower. However, the anxiety that phones were releasing dangerous radiation was so pervasive when it was introduced that some people still have it in the back of their minds.

Some people may even still use their phones while holding them at a “safe distance.” But after extensive investigation, we can say with certainty that phones solely transmit electromagnetic waves. As a result, they are no worse for you than listening to the radio.

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Your phone will run faster if background applications are closed

Apps that are “running” and those that are “open in the background” might occasionally be confused. A background-running app isn’t running; instead, it’s in a condition that facilitates relaunching it easier and faster. The resources needed by “open in the background” apps are minimal.

Closing every background app on your phone will not make it run faster. On the contrary, closing “background-running” apps can improve the performance of your phone.

Avoid using your phone while it is charging

Top 10 Smartphone Myths

Contrary to popular belief, using your phone as it charges won’t cause it to explode or harm the battery. Unless you are using a cheap, knockoff charger, charging while using it is entirely OK. The phone will charge properly even if it will do so more slowly while plugged in than it would if you weren’t using it.

More data is used by 4G than by 3G

This is quite complicated. On the one hand, we are aware that 4G speeds up video and streaming download times. We also know that regardless of whether your phone is utilising 3G, 4G, or even 5G, the quantity of data consumed to perform this remains the same.

However, research has shown that users who regularly use 4G consume their data faster than those who regularly use 3G. But, the speed of the 4G speeds is to blame for this, not the fact that it uses more data. In the case of 4G speed uses more content and videos can be consumed in the same amount of time.

A camera with more megapixels is of superior quality

Additional Camera

This is another misconception that most likely started during the early days of point-and-shoot digital cameras when everyone was obsessed with megapixels. But in reality, a camera’s megapixel count merely provides information on the maximum size of the picture it can capture and not the picture’s quality itself.

Even smartphone brands play around with the myth by continuing to advertise how many megapixels their camera has. The quality of the sensor, lens and image processor is much more important to consider. Additionally, do a little research on the camera quality before buying a smartphone.

You should only use the charger that was provided with your phone

In some ways, the only reason this misconception is spread is so that smartphone manufacturing brands can make a profit. The smartphone profit margins are extremely low, and a large portion of a company’s income comes from the accessories sector. Because of this, they have a strong reason to encourage you to use OEM chargers.

The truth is that you may use any charger with your phone as long as it was made to the manufacturer’s specifications. The duplicates, on the other hand, are reported to be quite hazardous.

The majority of people are unaware of the distinction between a high-quality third-party charger and an inexpensive Chinese counterfeit. Because they are constructed in accordance with the original specifications of the manufacturer’s charger, high-quality producers like Belkin, Amazon, and others are completely safe for use with your smartphone.

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