Stuffcool Earl 4-in-1 Type C Hub With 4k Playback launched

Stuffcool, India’s leading tech accessory brand has launched its latest product – Earl, a 4 in 1 Type C Hub perfect for Type C Macbooks and laptops. The hub has 4 ports supporting various functions. The 1 Type C Port allows data sync and charging up to 100W, whereas the 2 Type-A Ports allow data sync and charging and an HDMI port capable of 4K playback. Furthermore, the hub is made of a sleek Aluminium body that is both compact and elegant.

Earl is perfect for Macbook or Laptop users that have only Type C ports. It helps users connect their normal USB A devices to the Macbook. Also, it is capable of handling all 4 inputs/ports in use at the same time. The 2 Type-A ports are perfect to connect personal devices such as flash drives, external HDD, printers, or even charging older generation phones/tablets. The type C port allows you to transfer data super fast when in use with an SSD, or keeps your latest iPhone charged. The type C port allows charging of the Macbook/Laptop, which the Earl is connected to, supporting up to 100W of charging power.

EARL specs

The HDMI port located on the end of the Earl hub is perfect to connect your type C Macbooks/laptops to projectors, monitors, and second screens. The HDMI port is also capable of transmitting 4K High-Resolution Video and High Definition Sound. Hence, making it perfect for presentations, casting movies and even games.

Quick Specifications: Earl 4-in-1 Type C Hub

  1. Sports an Aluminum Body
  2. USB Type C Hub combines 4 of the most commonly used ports. 4 in 1 USB Hub 1XUSB 3.0 / 1XUSB 2.0/1XUSB-C charge / 1X HDMI.
  3. Offers up To 100W Charging
  4. Features Plug-and-play
  5. Vivid 4K UHD Video: Mirror or extend your screen by the HDMI port of the USB Type-C hub
  6. Directly stream 4K@30Hz or full HD 1080P video to HDTV


Earl 4-in-1 Type C Hub: Price and Availability

Earl 4-in-1 Type is available on the official Stuffcool web. It is retailing for Rs 2,999 at the official website.

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