Sony WH-CH520 headphones with 50-hour battery life, digital upscaling & 360 Reality Audio launched in India: Price, Features

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* Sony has launched its latest WH-CH520 headphones in India today.
* The new headphone is priced under Rs 5,000 in the country.
* The latest launch features Fast Pair with Android, Swift Pair with PC, 360 Reality Audio, custom EQ, and more.
* Sony WH-CH520 offers digital upscaling and 360-degree soundstaging
* It skips on the much vaunted active noise cancellation feature
* Key offerings include 50-hour battery life, and DSEE upscaling

Sony WH-CH520 has been launched in India for under Rs 5,000. The headphones will be available nationwide at Sony retail stores, including Sony Center and Sony Exclusive,, major electronic stores, and e-commerce websites.

For the price tag, the WH-CH520 headphones offer many features to the users. You can easily connect it with an Android device or PC using Fast Pair or Swift Pair, respectively.
Apart from that, there are features like 360 Reality Audio, DSEE support, custom equaliser, built-in mic, and more.

Sony India has launched a new pair of wireless on-ear headphones. Called the Sony WH-CH520, the headphones offer a host of key features that fall in the essential category, such as 50 hours of battery life on a single charge cycle.

The headphones also feature Sony’s proprietary DSEE digital audio upscaling technology, but has it only in its basic form — and not in DSEE HX or Extreme.

Other key features peg it as a pair of headphones that are very similar to what the Sony WH-CH720N offer, but without the active noise cancellation feature.

Sony WH-CH520 Price in India

Sony WH-CH520 headphones

The Sony WH-CH520 are available at both offline and online Sony outlets starting today, at are priced at Rs 4,490.

Sony WH-CH520 Launched in India: Sale date, Colours & Availability

Sony WH-CH520 headphones

Sony has launched the WH-CH520 in India with a price tag of Rs 4,490. The headphones will be available for purchase starting April 11, 2023.

Interested buyers can pick it up from Sony Center, Sony Exclusive, Sony online store, ShopatSC, major online retail websites, and physical stores.

The on-ear wireless headphones can be picked up in Black, White, Blue, and Beige colour options.

Sony WH-CH520 Features

Sony WH-CH520 headphones

In terms of its key offerings, the Sony WH-CH520 features 50 hours of music playback time, while also supporting a fast charging standard that allows it to offer 90 minutes of playback in three minutes of charging time. You also get multi-device connectivity simultaneously, which will allow the headphones to connect to two active devices.

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This, in turn, will allow users to switch actively between two separate phones, or a phone and a laptop, based on what you would typically be using through the day.

Other key features include the use of Sony’s proprietary digital audio upscaling engine, DSEE, on the Sony WH-CH520 headphones. However, the upscaling technology is in its basic form here, and not in the DSEE HX or Extreme versions seen on Sony’s pricier models.

IMG_9047 IMG_9046 IMG_9045 IMG_9044 IMG_9043 IMG_9042

Sony also offers a beamforming mic for clearer calling audio, as well as digital equalizer settings and 360 Reality Audio enhancement through the company’s Headphones Connect app.

The headphones use 30mm closed dynamic drivers, which is the same as before, which offer 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response — thus covering the entire sonic range.
It runs on Bluetooth 5.2, and supports both SBC and AAC audio formats.

Sony WH-CH520: Specifications

Sony WH-CH520 headphones

Sony WH-CH520 on-ear headphones launched in India for Rs 4,490. The Sony WH-CH520 is an on-ear headphone for audiophiles with premium features.

It’s lightweight and has an adjustable headband featuring a cushion with soft earpads for comfortable all-day use. The compact swivel design makes for easy carrying.

Sony also offers the new headphone in four attractive colours to match your style statement. The WH-CH520 is designed for long hours of playback.

It flaunts up to 50 hours of battery life on a single charge and offers up to 40 hours of continuous playback.

Sony assures that the latest offering can provide 1.5 hours of music playback with just 3 minutes of charging.

Sony WH-CH520 headphones

It comes with a USB Type-C charging port and charges fully in three hours. According to Sony, the headphone is also eco-friendly, with recycled plastic used in the making and no plastic used in the packaging.

As for the audio features, the Sony WH-CH520 comes with a 30mm driver unit. It supports custom EQ through the Headphones Connect app.

Users can choose from multiple presets according to the genre of music they prefer. Moreover, there’s Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE), which restores the original details and frequency elements to a compressed file to make it sound as intended.

IMG_9057 (1)
IMG_9057 (1) IMG_9054 IMG_9056 IMG_9057 IMG_9055

The Headphones Connect app also supports 360 Reality Audio, which analyses your unique ear shape to optimise the audio experience and provide an immersive audio output. Users also get a 360 Spatial Sound Personaliser through a standalone app to provide an immersive experience custom designed for your ear shape when connected to Sony BRAVIA XR TVs.

There’s also support for the Dolby ATMOS audio experience through BRAVIA TVs.
Other features include multipoint connectivity, which means it can be connected to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

It means if you are listening to music on your TV and your phone starts ringing, the headphone can seamlessly switch to phone audio to let you attend calls. Speaking of calls, the WH-CH520 features a built-in mic for crystal-clear audio on voice calls.

The headphone is equipped with the Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity standard. Connecting the Sony WH-CH520 to other devices is a breeze.

There is a Fast Pair feature that lets users connect it to their Android devices in an instant. Additionally, there is a Swift Pair feature for PC users for seamless connectivity with laptops and PCs.

IMG_9041 IMG_9037 IMG_9038 IMG_9039 IMG_9036 IMG_9040

FAQ’s on Sony WH-CH520

1) What are Sony WH-CH520 Features?

Ans) Compared to previous models, the WH-CH520 offers an impressive battery life that allows listeners to enjoy more music for an extended period of time.

With Noise Cancelling, the headphones can last up to 35 hours, while without Noise Cancelling, they can last up to 50 hours. Quick charging is also available, with just a 3-minute charge providing up to 1 hour of playback.

The WH-CH520 headphones offer a convenient Multipoint connection that enables seamless switching between two devices.

The headphones feature easy button operation and can even be controlled using voice commands.

The WH-CH520 headphones support playback of 360 Reality Audio tracks that can be personalized based on the user’s unique ear shape and size.

This feature enhances the music listening experience, making it feel as if the listener is at a live concert.

2) What is the price of Sony WH-CH520?

Ans) The Sony WH-CH520 headphones will be available for purchase at Rs 4,490.

3) Where can I buy the Sony WH-CH520 from ?

Ans) Sony WH-CH 520 will be available to buy from Amazon India & Sony India Stores.

4) What colours is Sony WH-CH520 available in ?

Ans) The headphones Sony WH-CH 520 are available for sale in Taupe, Black, Blue, and White colour options.

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