Setup Parental Controls on YouTube, Netflix: Here’s how to do it

YouTube and Netflix put a vast library of web series and movies at your fingertips. But the sheer size of these video streaming platforms makes it easier than ever for kids or adolescents to stumble across inappropriate contents. Since these platforms know that kids will use them, many of these services have developed parental control features in order to allow you to control or block what the young users of the account can watch.

We are here with a few quick steps that can be followed to set parental control on two of the most popular video streaming services – YouTube and Netflix. This way your children can still enjoy their favourite shows and you too can have a peace of mind knowing what they can access. Let’s check out:

How to set parental controls on YouTube

Step 1: Open YouTube on your device

Step 2: Click on the profile picture on the top right corner of the app

Step 3 - Go to Settings

Step 3: Go to Settings

Step 4: Scroll down and turn on the toggle in front of the ‘Restricted Mode’ option

Step 4 - Scroll down and turn on the toggle in front of the ‘Restricted Mode’ option

This mode will restrict mature content for the user. However, YouTube points out that “No filter is 100%”. In addition to this, setting the ‘Restricted Mode’ will only be available for that particular device.

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How to use parental controls on Netflix

Step 1: Open Netflix and go to the main Account page

Step 2: Tap on the specific profile you want to set restrictions for

Step 3: Open ‘Viewing Restrictions’ section

Step 3: Open ‘Viewing Restrictions’ section

Step 4: Set the slider according to the age bracket

Step 2 - Click Parental Controls in the Settings section

Step 5: Click ‘Save’ once you are done.

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