Samsung ViewFinity S8 Monitor: The new benchmark for the upcoming high-resolution monitors

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Now you can create the best content with supremely great graphic quality with Samsung. Samsung has announced the global launch of its latest ViewFinity S8 monitors focused more on the content creators. As said by the brand, “to appeal to content creators who are relatively price-conscious, Samsung has introduced the perfect solution with two new ViewFinity S8 monitors.” These monitors are specialized for all the professionals linked with the creative fields like graphic designers, content creators and others.

ViewFinity is the unique name that Samsung has come up with its latest monitor. Both the words mean, ‘The Value of Infinite Viewing Experience’. It also showcases Samsung’s ambition to establish a new benchmark for high-resolution monitors in the coming future. Samsung has already added an all-new Crystal 4K Neo TV in India, Read here: Samsung launches Crystal 4K Neo TV powered by Crystal Technology and now comes the ViewFinity S8. So, here’s what you need to know about it!

Samsung ViewFinity S8 monitor: Specs

The all-new ViewInfinity S8 monitor is available in two different screen sizes: 32” and 27”. Both are expected to give high performance in the most popular screen size segment. Coming to more specs, both the screen features 3,840 x 2,160 IPS LCD matte panel. Combined with the Pro-grade UHD resolution, both have a 98% DCI-P3 colour gamut and 1 billion colours (estimated to be 8-bit plus FRC instead of true 10-bit), as well as Pantone’s colour correction blessing.

Coming to the display specs, the 32-inch model comes certified with DisplayHDR 600 and is completely functional as well as capable of handling some HDR work. While, on the other hand, the 27-inch variant only features a DisplayHDR OF 400. Therefore, the monitor comes with capabilities to handle and manage all the complex visual work and design projects, while also creating vibrant and creative hues.

One other amazing spec about the ViewFinity S8 is that it supports height adjustment. Also, it features tilt and swivel screens paired with a VESA wall mountable. In addition, these two new products can also pray for the role of the dock. Both are capable of supplying up to 90W of power to mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices through USB-C charging ports. Furthermore, one can also use the same for transferring their data easily along with accessing the internet freely. Not surprisingly, ViewFinity S8 also provides eye protection and can optimize the display according to the environment. Hence, the users can spend a long time designing or even watching their favourite content on the big HD screen.

Samsung ViewFinity S8 monitor: Specs

Talkingdisplay of the monitor, the Samsung ViewFinity S8 Monitor features the world’s first UL4 verified Glare-Free monitor paired with a Matte Display applied on the top of the panel. This is what can help you reduce all the light reflection even during the hours when you’re not using the monitor hood. The primary focus here is to provide you with a distraction-free working environment. The capability is further enhanced by the wide viewing angle allowing users to see images clearly from any angle they like or convenient with. Additionally, the ViewFinity S8 earned the CES 2022 Innovation Award Honoree in the Computer Peripherals & Accessories category in recognition of Samsung’s ongoing efforts to deliver considerable benefits to its customers. Hence, great things are expected from the monitor!

Samsung ViewFinity S8 monitors: Availability

“ViewFinity is the summation of Samsung’s goal to deliver the most precise and functional monitors to businesses who require pinpoint accuracy and consistency throughout their work,” said Hyesung Ha, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “We are proud to offer this monitor to designers, artists and professionals who will use our technology to create new ideas and experiences that realize their full potential.”

Samsung ViewFinity S8 monitors: Availability

Both the monitors are stunning and feature many astonishing specs, however, the launch timeline is still in the dark. However, the brand did confirm that the upcoming ViewFinity will be available globally from the end of June. Both the variants, the 27-inch and the 32-inch are confirmed to launch in its Homeland, South Korea. The brand has also confirmed that the monitor will cost 720,000 won for the 27-inch (INR 43,480) variant. Additionally, the 32-inch variant will be available for 820,000 won (INR 49,516).

The whole idea of the monitor is to provide glistening display specs, with effortless viewing time. Users get the comfort of adjusting the display as per their view angles as well they can get the really bright colours with the vibrant hues. Overall, the monitor is yet to be announced in India, but since we already have many other options for smart TVs from Samsung, we can expect this one to launch in India soon as well.

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