A Remembrance Series: 7 Epic Mobile Phones of Nokia

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Nokia in the mobile world has left an unforgettable legacy. The brand (before owned by Microsoft) has given us many memorable and spectacular cellphones that catered to both the elderly and the young. Every launch was unique as well as a trendsetter in the mobile market. Also, every cellphone rolled by Nokia has some story or exceptional thought process associated with it.
We, as a part of Gen-Z, need to know the epic releases from Nokia, which actually revolutionized the mobile industry. Here’s a glimpse of the very best 7 Nokia phones the company ever rolled out.

Nokia 8810 (1998)


The legendary Nokia 8810 was a slider-style handset and among the most luxurious phones at that time. It was unquestionably a stunner with an internal antenna and encased in chrome plating. The in-built antenna helped in increasing the battery life, but because of the metal body, the manufacturing became very complicated and limited.

Nokia N95 (2007)


Nokia N95 was another N-series flagship phone known for its portability and overall features. The design of this one was unique back then as it has a two-way slider mechanism used to access media playback buttons or the keypad. The N95 was considered a breakthrough technology. The phone was released in Black and Silver after that, it even promoted some limited editions in Purple and Gold.

Nokia 5110


Nokia 5110 continue the legacy of Nokia as it was the most popular phone of that era. Everything on the phone, from the screen icons or the battery life, was huge. It was specifically designed for the business class and had a simple revamped interface called Series 20.
Another reason behind its popularity lies in your childhood memories. The most famous ‘Snake” game was also introduced with this handset only. The 5110 was not only subtle, but it was the absolute show-stopper.

Nokia 2110 (1994)

Nokia 2110

The Nokia 2110 was the first mobile phone capable of sending SMS messages. It was also the first to offer an unmistakable ringtone of Nokia. Furthermore, it included the ability to store the last 10 dialled, received and missed calls. Its retracting antenna also made it the device of choice for busy professionals who liked little more than pulling out the antenna with their teeth while dashing between meetings and looking far busier than their phoneless peers.

Nokia E71


E71 came into existence right when iPhone was out for a year, and Blackberry was ruling the market of the business phones. It was a metal-clad phone distinguished by a QWERTY keyboard and a thin 1cm profile. The reason to buy the epic E71 was the average looks of Blackberry and the hiked prices of the iPhone.

The E71 was a great option for people interested in work and multimedia. However, it leaned more towards work. Surprisingly, with the E71, Nokia made screen switching possible. Now, with the two home screens, users could have used one for work and another for personal use.

Nokia N9 (2011)

nokia - N9

The Nokia N9 was the first Nokia device running on MeeGo operating system. It is also the only mobile to have a MeeGo system as the company’s partnership with Microsoft announced that year. The phone was initially available in three colours – Black, Cyan, and Magenta and later with a white version as well.

The N9 is widely known as one of the finest devices to date. Furthermore, it was praised for both its software and hardware, including the MeeGo operating system, buttonless ‘swipe’ user interface, and its high-end features. Its design looks the same as Windows Phone-powered Nokia Lumia 800 later that year.

Nokia 3310 (2000)

NOKIA 3310


The Nokia 3310 was launched to replace the last 3210 model. This model was one of the most successful Nokia phones, which sold 126 million units worldwide. It is also the part of Nokia’s iconic series which attained the most popular cult status due to its extreme durability.
Furthermore, it was fairly built with sturdy construction and embodied with the right features and processor. As the first mobile phone to allow users to send three SMS messages in one, it also proved incredibly popular with teenagers, students and anyone else with plenty to type. It also featured a 2MP camera with a microSD slot.

Tell us which one was your favorite and what other models we can add here! Do let us know the hits or miss from Nokia that feel right to you.

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