Noise Co-Founder Amit Khatri Unveils Strategy in Wearables and IoT in Exclusive Interview

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  • Noise has an emphasis on consumer-centric innovation in wearables and IoT.
  • Integration of customer feedback and market trends in product development.
  • Anticipating future trends in the wearables industry.
  • Strategies to differentiate in a market with strong international competition.

In an exclusive interview, Amit Khatri, the Co-Founder of Noise has shed light on the company’s innovative strategies in the wearables and IoT sectors.

Known for its consumer-centric approach, Noise has been making significant strides in adapting to the rapidly evolving landscape of wearable technology.

Khatri’s insights offer a deeper understanding of how Noise is shaping its products and services to meet the ever-changing demands of the tech-savvy consumer.

Here’s a closer look at the key strategies and future plans of Noise as outlined by Amit Khatri himself.

How do you approach innovation at Noise, particularly in the rapidly evolving wearables and IoT space?

Answer – At Noise, we view consumer centricity as the cornerstone of our approach in the dynamic wearables and IoT landscape. Our strategy revolves around anticipating and adapting to emerging trends and user needs.

The brand’s focus is on driving future-forward innovation, design, and user experience.

Our commitment to technology for making lives easier underscores our aim to create meaningful products that enhance human capital.

We embrace a proactive approach to reinvent at every step by closely monitoring consumer behaviour and market dynamics.

The spotlight is always set towards delivering an exceptional experience to our users. For instance, at Noise Labs, our inhouse tech incubator, we created products such as the Luna Ring, an ally pushing for transformative lifestyle shift; Noise IntelliBuds, underlining the utility of Gesture Control; and Noise i1 Smart Eyewear, plugging in the innovation of Motion Estimation respectively.

Moreover, Noise Labs is a place where futuristic ideas meet innovative solutions. Our goal is to empower every Indian with the best of technology.

We invest heavily in R&D and seek strategic partnerships with industry experts to access useful resources.

Our brand believes that staying at the forefront of innovation is key to providing meaningful and relevant solutions in the rapidly evolving tech space.

Could you elaborate on Noise’s strategy for product development, especially in terms of integrating customer feedback and market trends?

Answer – We place a strong emphasis on a consumer-centric approach, focusing on understanding the emerging consumer needs.

It involves creating new-age innovation, seamless integration of customer feedback and market trends. We see our customers to be of utmost importance in the development process.

Our team consistently gathers insights through direct interactions, our applications, and social media channels, allowing us to understand their evolving preferences and expectations.

This iterative feedback loop serves as a crucial guidepost in refining and enhancing our products.

Additionally, our strategy involves a keen awareness of market trends. Our commitment is reflected in our constant drive to solve the unsolved and perpetual endeavour to bring meaningful innovation within the reach of our users.

Inclusivity is paramount for us as one can take an example of products like Noise Scout and Noise Explorer for kids, NoiseFit Diva tailored for women, and the versatile Noise ColorFit Pro 5 designed to cater to everyone.

Our motivation is to keep offering a diverse range ensuring that there is a perfect Noise product for every individual, regardless of age or gender.

This combination of user feedback and market insights enables us to create products that provide an enjoyable experience for our customers.

What are your thoughts on the future trends in the wearables industry, and how is Noise positioning itself to be at the forefront of these trends?

Answer – The wearables industry is undergoing exciting transformations, and at Noise we are actively positioning ourselves at the forefront of these future trends.

We foresee an advanced integration of health and wellness features into new-age wearables, driven by the growing emphasis on personal well-being For instance, we introduced innovative products like Noise Pure Pods, India’s first Open Wearable Stereo (OWS), and the Luna Ring, our foray into the smart ring segment, given there is an emerging demand for new form factors.

We redefined customer experience through unparalleled design and functionality. Our upcoming products too will reflect this trend and empower users to take control of their lifestyles.

The convergence of fashion and technology is a key trajectory we are keenly observing. Wearables are becoming more than just functional devices; they are becoming style statements.

Noise is committed to blending cutting-edge technology with thoughtful design. We make sure that our products also complement the fashion sensibilities of our customers.

Additionally, the rise of smart ecosystems and seamless connectivity is a trend we are strategically addressing.

Our focus is on creating wearables that seamlessly integrate into users’ daily lives, offering a cohesive and interconnected experience.

In a market crowded with international brands, how does Noise differentiate its products, and what strategies do you employ to stay competitive?

Answer – Noise differentiates itself not just by adding another wearable to the ecosystem but by working to build products that elevate the lifestyle of users through meaningful innovations.

One of our key differentiators is the emphasis on user-centric features. This profound approach ensures that our offerings are not only technologically advanced but also culturally resonant.

Notably, products like Noise i1 Smart Eyewear and Noise Intellibuds from Noise Labs exemplify our dedication to craft future-forward innovation, providing us with a first-mover advantage in the market

Agility is another cornerstone of our strategy. We take pride in our ability to swiftly adapt to market shifts.

Moreover, Noise places a strong emphasis on affordability without compromising quality. We make groundbreaking technology accessible to a broader audience by offering competitively priced products.

This democratization of tech is a core value that sets us apart in a market where value for money is increasingly significant.

What are Noise’s future plans for expansion, both in terms of product lines and geographical reach, and how do recent developments in AI and ML play a role in these plans?

Answer – As a brand, we are envisioning robust expansion plans both in terms of product lines and reach.

We are strategically diversifying our product portfolio to cater to varying consumer needs. We are strengthening our focus on localizing make-in-India efforts in FY24 and would be focusing on localizing components by procuring them locally.

While online continues to play a key channel for sales, we have significantly expanded our offline footprint across the country to reach unexplored markets and audiences who seek for in person experience.

Our current online and offline split is at an 80:20 ratio, wherein we are present at 10,000 offline stores nationwide.

The brand is identifying key markets and implementing targeted strategies to serve the untapped audience and penetrate deeper into Bharat.

With Bose coming on board as our first investor, it will play a pivotal role in amplifying our global visibility. This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to staying at the forefront of technology.

These technologies are significant in refining user experience from personalized health insights to intuitive user interfaces.

Through leveraging AI we aim to enhance the capabilities of our devices and provide users with more intelligent features.

What emerging technologies do you believe will have the greatest impact on the wearables industry, and how is Noise preparing to integrate these technologies into future products?

Answer – One of the key technologies we see shaping the future of wearables is the continued evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

These technologies not only enhance the intelligence of our devices but also enable more personalized user experiences.

Noise is actively investing in such capabilities to polish features such as health tracking, predictive analytics, and user interface interactions.

This investment allows us to create wearables that provide a more intuitive experience.

As stated earlier as well, it is evident through our innovations like Luna Ring, Noise Pure Pods, and Noise Voyage 4G calling smartwatch, among others.

The integration of advanced biometric sensors is another significant trend. As health and fitness tracking becomes more integral to wearable devices, we are exploring cutting-edge biometric technologies to provide users with more comprehensive health insights.

Furthermore, the evolution of connectivity technologies such as 5G and contactless payments is reshaping the wearables landscape.

Noise is exploring ways to harness the power of faster connectivity and contactless payments to feature seamless integration with other smart devices.

As we look into 2024, the brand’s R&D efforts focus on creating wearables that embrace these advancements alongside setting new standards for functionality.

We aim to deliver products that exceed the expectations of our tech-savvy and forward-thinking user base.


How does Noise approach innovation in the wearables and IoT space?

Amit Khatri, Co-Founder of Noise, emphasizes consumer-centric innovation as key. The brand focuses on adapting to trends and user needs, driving innovation and user experience.

Noise Labs, their tech incubator, has developed products like the Luna Ring and Noise IntelliBuds, showcasing their commitment to innovative solutions in wearable technology.

Can you detail Noise’s product development strategy, especially regarding customer feedback and market trends?

Noise prioritizes a consumer-centric approach, integrating customer feedback and market trends into product development.

They gather insights through direct interactions and social media, using this feedback to refine their products. They also keep an eye on market trends, offering diverse products like Noise Scout, NoiseFit Diva, and ColorFit Pro 5 to cater to different users.

What are Noise’s views on future wearables industry trends and their positioning?

Khatri predicts advanced integration of health features in wearables and a convergence of fashion and technology.

Noise is focusing on design and functionality, with products like Noise Pure Pods and the Luna Ring. They also aim to create wearables that integrate seamlessly into users’ lives.

In a competitive market, how does Noise differentiate its products and maintain competitiveness?

Noise stands out by focusing on user-centric features and innovation, offering affordable yet quality technology.

They adapt quickly to market changes and have gained a first-mover advantage with products like Noise i1 Smart Eyewear and Noise IntelliBuds.

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