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• Luna Ring’s evaluation confirms its accuracy, benchmarking it against industry gold standards such as the Polar H10 HR sensor and Chest Strap HR monitors.
• Tested by certified institutes such as IIIT-H and All Is Well (AIW) for accuracy across various metrics like heart rate, sleep, step count, HRV etc., Noise’s flagship smart ring facilitates a profound transformative lifestyle shift.
• Luna Ring delivers precise performance demonstrating 98% accuracy for step count and HR, and 95% for heart rate variation.

Committed to harnessing technology’s power to boost human capital productivity, Noise, has released its first smart ring, Luna Ring which has been on sale .

The Luna Ring is designed to augment the smart wearable experience and users’ lifestyle patterns effectively.

It fosters cognitive functioning by delivering across three core metrics – Sleep, Readiness, and Activity.

Tracking more than 70 metrics, Noise’s smart ring comes equipped with advanced sensors and robust built quality helping users elevate their lifestyle effectively.

Validated by prestigious institutions, including IIIT-Hyderabad and All is Well (AIW), Luna ring has been benchmarked against gold-standard products used for fitness and health applications, to determine their reliability.

The trials were conducted to study data from sleep stages and measure the accuracy of steps, calories, heart rate, body temperature, and other vital metrics.

Commenting on the announcement Amit Khatri, Co-Founder, Noise, said, “Designed with utmost precision and care, Luna Ring represents an innovation aimed at enhancing the lives of our users, enabling them to pursue their best and healthiest selves. We’re excited to introduce the Luna Ring today, our first smart ring and transformative addition to the smart wearable lineup. It symbolizes Noise’s commitment to merging technology with well-being, empowering individuals to take charge of their cognitive performance. The validations from certified institutions reinforce our confidence that Luna Ring will make a significant impact on our consumers’ lives, fostering overall well-being.”

Noise Luna Ring Price, Availability & Offers

Noise Luna Ring Price
Noise Luna Ring Price

Designed for precision, Luna Ring makes its debut today on at an exclusive price of  INR 14,999.

Consumers who had pre-booked their Luna ring with an exclusive Priority Access pass and have been eagerly waiting can now avail the smart ring from, unlocking the exciting discounts, benefits, and special offers.

The pass can be redeemed with an additional INR 1,000 discount on the day of purchase.

The pass holders are also eligible for an additional discount on smart eyewear, Noise i1 along with INR 2000 worth of liquid/damage/theft insurance, translating to a direct cash benefit of INR 3,000.

Why is the Luna Ring the best companion to achieve health brilliance?

The Luna Ring is crafted to augment the smart wearable experience to offer a quality lifestyle with accurate insights as it promotes cognitive functioning and thus enhances users’ daily performance.

An industry-first, the Luna ring can track over 70 metrics, making it one of the most powerful wearables to track well-being in the smart ring category.

Monitoring Sleep, Readiness, and Activity scores daily, the Luna Ring provides valuable insights and recommendations to optimize rest patterns and overall health.

The temperature sensor tracks body variations influenced by diet and exercise.

With the goal of catalyzing a transformative lifestyle shift, the Luna Ring is an ideal ally, equipped with advanced sensors and robust built quality to elevate users’ lifestyles and daily performance effectively.

With a subscription-free experience and access to insights on the brand’s in-house Luna Ring App, the smart ring offers automatic firmware updates.

The engineering marvel is crafted for everyone, and to ensure an immersive experience right from the start of the users’ journey, a tailor-made sizing kit will help valued consumers identify the right size while getting their final Luna Ring.

It comes in seven-ring sizes and five colour options out of which Stardust Silver, Lunar Black, and Midnight Black will be available for customers starting today.

Noise Luna Ring
Noise Luna Ring

Why do experts tout Luna Ring as best-in-class in the segment?

To further corroborate performance across key parameters, Noise has entered into a partnership with expert institutes including IIIT-Hyderabad and AIl Is Well (AIW).

Phase one of the trials with IIIT-H comprises sleep stage analysis and basic features like steps, heart rate, body temperature, running etc.

As part of phase two of the trials, the brand will be testing the impact of Luna Ring on the performance of athletes.

IIIT-H studied 6 subjects across 156 data points to compare Luna Ring’s accuracy against industry gold standard devices such as the Polar H10 HR sensor, which provides advanced heart rate monitoring and features an accurate measuring algorithm.

The tests were conducted while performing daily tasks such as walking, sleeping, sitting, working, and so on.

Dr. Aftab M. Hussain, Associate Professor, IIIT-Hyderabad added, “Our comprehensive testing, which included assessing Luna Ring’s heart rate monitoring, sleep analysis, and step counting capabilities against industry-standard devices like Polar, has yielded promising results. Luna Ring has consistently demonstrated its reliability and accuracy across these vital health and fitness metrics. This partnership enables Noise to provide consumers with a valuable tool for holistic well-being, enhancing their overall lifestyle.”

Another trial conducted with All is Well evaluates Luna Ring’s performance against chest strap heart monitors, an actively used heart rate-measuring device used by professionals and athletes, to assess Step Count, Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

The trials were conducted by Dr. Nikhil Latey, a sports scientist with 15 years of experience working with Olympic athletes like Mary Kom and Saina Nehwal.

The analysis of the assessment revealed that the smart ring delivered accurate data in these key metrics with confidence intervals of 98% for step count and HR, and 95% for heart rate variation.

Dr. Nikhil Latey, Physiotherapist and sports scientist at ProPhysio (All is Well), added, “I am amazed by the ring’s remarkable accuracy at the recent tests done in my lab. We evaluated its performance in measuring heart rate (HR), heart rate variability (HRV), and step count. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it consistently exceeded the 98% accuracy threshold when compared to industry gold standards like chest strap heart rate monitors.”

Luna Ring’s advanced sensors – Infrared PPG, Skin Temperature, and 3-axis accelerometer, offer exceptionally accurate health tracking capabilities with precise optical sensor alignment for accurate data.

In-built algorithms and personalized nudges offer tailor-made insights and accurate results

The state-of-the-art wearable is designed with an ultra-lightweight 3mm form factor, offering a second-skin feel.

Crafted from fighter-jet grade titanium and a diamond-like coating, it ensures resistance to scratches and corrosion, providing robust build quality.

The hypoallergenic smooth inner shell and guided-wearing outer shell cater to every skin type.

Powered by BLE 5 technology, and water-resistant up to 50m, Luna Ring offers convenience and durability.

With an impressive battery life of up to 6 days on a single charge, the Luna Ring is a perfect companion and lifestyle ally, transforming your well-being.


1) What are the colours available in Noise Smart Ring Luna Ring ?

Ans) Luna Ring is available in five colours-Sunlit Gold , Rose Gold , Stardust Silver , Lunar Black & Midnight Black .

2) How many ring sizes are available in Luna Smart Ring ?

Ans) Noise Luna Smart Ring is available in Seven Ring Sizes .

3) How does Noise Luna Smart Ring look ?

Ans) With its ultra-lightweight and 3mm sleek form factor, the state-of-the-art wearable feels like a second skin. The fighter-jet grade titanium body and diamond-like coating resist scratches and corrosion ensuring a robust build quality.

Perfect for every skin type, Luna Ring comes with a hypoallergenic smooth inner shell and a pointing edge on the outer shell for guided wearing. The advanced sensors (Infrared Photoplethysmography (PPG) sensors, Skin Temperature sensors, 3-axis accelerometer sensor) measuring physiological signals fit seamlessly in a flexible rim with a battery design and convenient wireless charging, for a seamless fit and exceptional health tracking capabilities.

Crafted to deliver accuracy, the bumps on the inside of the Luna Ring ensure proper alignment of the optical sensors with your finger. They reduce the gap between your skin and the sensors, optimizing the accuracy of sensor readings for PPG signals.

This design feature enhances the consistency and precision of the measurements, providing users with more reliable data about their overall well-being.

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