New feature update: Twitter will soon let you check your vibe of the day just like Facebook

Twitter has already started working on an amazing feature where users can update their vibe of the day. It’s not long before people will be able to check statutes popping up on the entire platform.

The feature is similar to the ones that Facebook and Instagram already have. The vibe check is also similar to the status feature and is still somewhere interesting. Here’s a close look at it!

Twitter will soon let you check your vibe like Facebook

The news comes from the renowned reverse engineer named Jane Manchun Wong. She first spotted the feature and couldn’t wait to break it to the audience. She even shared a screenshot, clearly showing the terms, “Set a Status” in the form of a box. This was said to be located just above the space where users write their text for a specific tweet.

The screenshots make it seem even more exciting than the actual news update. As clearly shown in the tweet, she could “set a status” using the composer box. Also, there are five pre-set moods available in the dropdown menu. All of them seem fun and super cool. So, now you could easily let people know your favourite binge-worthy k-drama with Twitter while eating your rameyeon! It has many other options from lurking on Twitter to even letting your people know if you’re shopping for your grocery.

Apart from Wong, Alessandro Paluzzi, who keeps an eye on all insider updates and shares about every unreleased feature, has also spotted this Twitter feature. He even shared a tweet, saying,  “Twitter is working on Vibes… It should also be possible to add an emoji, perhaps it is something similar to the feeling/activity option of Facebook posts.”

Now, the latest feature only has five statuses in the drop-down menu. At this time, there is no word on whether Twitter users will be able to modify their status updates or whether they will have to rely on pre-made ones. Whatever the situation may be, many people believe the software has been in development for a long time. Wong has even said that this upcoming Vibe Check is the same as the ‘Threads App Status,’ found on applications like Instagram.

We’re not sure if the function will really be used, but it’s giving us a lot of feelings about the traditional Facebook activities section. Furthermore, it is fair to argue that it gives a post an extra dosage of personality. However, for the time being, we’ll simply have to wait and see when the firm announces the ‘Vibe Check.’

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