NASA Spacecraft Crashes Into Asteroid; Defense Test Affected

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National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is the largest space agency in the world that comes under the US Federal Government and has accomplished many space missions up until now.

The space organization regularly conducts space programs and tests before going ahead with a huge space mission that will set a new benchmark and as of now, there is a spacecraft test going on for a secret mission that they haven’t revealed any details about.

However, there was a buzz that did not look good as reports are suggesting that NASA Spacecraft, currently undergoing tests, has crashed into an asteroid.

But, upon further examination, it was revealed that it was an unprecedented test to check whether the asteroid could be knocked off course or not.


In Brief

The grand slam collision occurred at an asteroid that was 7 million miles away from the earth and there’s nothing to worry about as the rock was utterly harmless. The Dart Spacecraft, as it is called, rammed into the massive space rock at a speed of 14,000mph.

Scientists in charge of the mission have claimed that the impact would was huge and would have definitely carved out a massive crater that would have sent out enormous chunks of dirt and rocks into space.

The scientists are also hoping that the collision would have altered the asteroid’s orbit as they feel it will release rock particles and maybe even rich minerals that they can study about upon further examination.

However, NASA would not know much about it as the dart spacecraft nudged at the asteroid for a couple of months. Although further details regarding the matter are yet to be revealed, scientists have high hopes that the mission would prove to be fruitful in the long run.

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